By using these forums you agree to these terms and conditions and the ones below.

Basically if you want to be a member of this large (and generally excellent) community you just need to follow some common sense guidelines. Please remember that this board is read by a large cross section including younger members of the community. As such you are expected to behave with respect and responsibility. This includes the choice of user name to the general behaviour of the user. I am always surprised how many people still think it's perfectly acceptable to create an account with an abusive or inappropriate username, it is not actable, do not do it (unless you want to be banned after your first post). Any one found using a racist or extremely offensive name will not only be banned, but in certain cases we will contact their ISP and report them.

Avatars should be chosen from the official list. We are not trying to make you all the same, this is so unsuitable images are kept off the board (we do have many younger readers) and to maintain a Total War theme throughout the community.

We do not allow foreign language threads. The only reason for this is we cannot moderate the board properly if we can't read the threads. Sorry.

Community members staff this forum voluntarily and it is thanks to their hard work and commitment to the community that this is one of the best game-based forums on the net. Any decision they make is final and is not open to debate. By participating in these forums you agree to follow these guidelines and the guidelines given apply to all forum participants (that means you). Membership is at the discretion of the management and can be withdrawn without reasons being given.

To help clarify what is and is not acceptable behaviour here are a few of the more obvious points.

1. The promotion of No-CD hacks, cracked and/or pirate software (and that is any software) is not permitted on this board. You agree not to post any copyright material unless you own that copyright or you have express permission to do so. You agree not to post links to copyright material such a films or TV shows etc. You agree not to post links to bit torrent files.

2. You will post threads and replies only in the appropriate forum (please read the forum descriptions carefully before posting).

3. You will not use this forum to post any material which is knowingly false and/or defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, is material of a sexual matter, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, or otherwise unlawful. You will not use this board to express your religious or political views.

4. You must not provoke, or engage, in personal attacks of any nature. You agree not to post any kind of spam or advertising. Trolling (behaviour with the deliberate goal of being controversial or offensive) is not acceptable and is likely to result in a ban.

5. You will avoid excessive shouting (use of all caps) or flooding (continuous posting of repetitive text).

6. Spamming or links to commercial sites or inappropriate sites and/or images is forbidden. Unless it is absolutely necessary please do not use external links in your post. We cannot check every link to make sure that it is appropriate so therefore they are discouraged. Linking to inappropriate material is likely to result in a ban. Please do not try to use these boards to openly promote your own site.

7. Any impersonation of another forum participant or any other persons is prohibited and will not be tolerated. Threads aimed at exposing individuals as cheaters or dishonourable gamers are strongly discouraged.

8. Membership is at the discretion of the forum owners and can be revoked accordingly. If you follow these rules most of the time you will become a respected member of this community.

9. Each member is allowed one login account. Registering with multiple accounts is not allowed. Posting using more than one account may result in the banning of all your accounts. Creating a new user account to continue posting whilst on a temporary ban will result in a permanent ban for both the original and the new account.

10. All actions taken by moderators are final and are not an invitation to begin a debate. If a thread is closed, moved or deleted it was because it violated one of the forum rules.

11. Links to any anti-developer or anti-publisher (for any developer or publisher) campaigns are not tolerated on these forums. Any such links will be removed and (most probably) the poster of the link banned. This includes links to online petitions, a form of protest that is particularly open to abuse.

12. Although feedback negative or positive concerning our products is welcome, unconstructive, inflammatory or deliberately provocative posts are not. If you want your post to be taken seriously then a polite, well-argued post will be well received and passed on to the developers. A post along the lines of "your games are rubbish and you are nothing but a bunch of money-grabbing corporate swine, let's all not buy any of your products and we'll try to damage your reputation" will be deleted and the poster will be banned (obviously).

13. Country, faction and culture threads have a regular tendency to break our forum rules and regulations. If a certain culture, faction or country is not included in the game it is purely due to design reasons and not due to any other factor such as politics or prejudice. If you find the fact we have not included a particular faction as playable upsetting then it is not an excuse for nationalistic rants that border on racism.

All history is, to some degree, the received view of those who record or recount it. Any views expressed on these boards regarding a certain culture, faction or country will be by nature be in some way biased, so please remember that. When discussing culture, faction or country we expect a very high calibre of thread. Any thread that looks like it's going off course will be closed. Any persistent perpetrators of racist nationalistic rants will find themselves banned. So keep sweeping judgements off the boards. Remember if it's not in the game it's not the end of the world. Respect the opinions of others and discuss issues rather than make statements.

14. Images are allowed on this board if they are screen shots from the game. On occasion we do permit other images as long as you own the copyright to them, such as the poster who took pictures of the trebuchet he built in his garden. But generally we prefer for you to not use images as they slow the boards down.

15. Although we do have an off topic board for general discussion we do have a few rules concerning content for this. Please avoid contentious issues such as religion, politics, race, sexuality, morality etc. You will find that we will often closed threads on this board, as they tend to steer to in to dangerous territory and required too much time and effort in moderating to keep on the boards. So please be aware that posts on this board may have a limited shelf life (and don't be offended or outrage if your post gets shut down) and try to avoid this by keeping your discussions light-hearted and avoiding certain topics. Thank you.

Please make sure your posts goes in the correct board, these are:

News and Announcements
Latest news on Total War games, updates and all things Total War - important stuff goes here!

New Player Board
For new players to ask questions and seek advice from seasoned veterans.

Napoleon: Total War
Discussions on Napoleon: Total War and it's DLC packs.

Napoleon: Total War - Multiplayer
Discuss the multiplayer aspects of Napoleon: Total War.

Napoleon: Total War Support Forum
Community run and moderated support forum for Napoleon: Total War.

Empire: Total War
Forums for discussing all aspects of Empire: Total War.

Total War Eras
Forums for discussing our older titles and their expansions. Medieval II: Total War, Rome: Total War, Medieval: Total War and Shogun: Total War.

Unofficial Community Mod Support
Forums for discussing mods and modding for all our games.

Off Topic
An area to talk about all things non-TW, and some things TW. All topics must obey the forum rules.

Rants & Raves
A place to vent after a frustrating days, or to sign the praises of anything you want. Just please keep within the rules.

Thanks for reading!

Mark O'Connell
(aka SenseiTW)