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  1. Skill upgrade bug?
  2. Funny wins
  3. How to Fix "Camping"
  4. Retainers/Stats/Upgrades fixed in patch??
  5. siege weapons still destroy
  6. Suggestion: Decrease range effectiveness when in forests.
  7. WTB more veteran slots!
  8. Full Cavalry armies
  9. VIDEO: DX11 and everything set to Ultra/highest
  10. Cannon vet : Extra range : Does not work
  11. Noticing a common trend amongst level 10 armies
  12. Ways to make the clan specialization retainer useful?
  13. CA - When is the season going to end
  14. So the leaderboard/stats are not reset?
  15. New locked units in multiplayer.
  16. Legendary Menpo Mask Morale Question
  17. I have 44 vet slots - U mad?
  18. Where's My Mon Man?
  19. Classic Battles not fixed
  20. One confused feeling after patch and new units revealed.
  21. Multiplayer - what we're working on next!
  22. Dishonourable Coward... still a problem
  23. Time to delete another couple dozen veterans. =[
  24. How do you beat upgraded great guard?
  25. What is going on with the multiplayer competition????CA please update us!!!
  26. Replays Useless Post-Patch?
  27. Hero units are useless?
  28. It's (almost) Bloody fixed!
  29. need advice with archers:
  30. sniping (bow mastery) how does it work since you cant hide general?
  31. Enforce lower unit details in 2v2,3v3 and 4v4
  32. is it possible to train all clan specefic skills (sword/archer/spear) by changing
  33. I am losing points in ranking although i win battles
  34. Thank you CA
  35. Artificial ultra lag cheat - this must be fixed
  36. Vet cloned after patch
  37. Whats the average unit size you get when playing?
  38. Sige fail
  39. Why rank 10 legendary leadership general dont want to play another rank 10 general ?
  40. Let me vet the one I WANT !
  41. Level 9, still only 35 vet slots
  42. Looking for teamates top 100 85% W/L ratio (me)
  43. Katana cav Spam FTW!
  44. Some Naval questions...retainers, vets, best units?
  45. Riddle me this...I'm seeing more siege units post patch?
  46. Matchlock Monks
  47. is my skilll is not enough
  48. How useful are Katana-ashigaru
  49. So does the "fear" clan trait actually work? Anyone test it?
  50. Steam fails dedicated servers needed & not personal pc hosting for mm
  51. Can anyone tell me what is the benefit to join clan ?
  52. Lost connection to Steam
  53. Remove leaving clan penalty?
  54. General to go melee mode when using stand and fight!
  55. I feel bad for people that loose conneciton now :P
  56. Kat Cav upgrade issue
  57. Im so happy they fixed alt f4
  58. minor dx11 isues?
  59. Crashing when arranging battle
  60. They overdid nerfing Naginata Monks!
  61. Nation Cup
  62. What a great tactic!
  63. Vets with no morale increase.
  64. i dont understand the musket situation
  65. Fast Win Ever?
  66. quick question
  67. Idea for the new DLC
  68. Thank you TCA
  69. A plea from a loyal customer
  70. clan questions
  71. How many of us have this issue?
  72. Hahha from 35. to 8144. It was a mater of time :)
  73. Idea for feature for future patch
  74. The new units and ikko ikki clan playible?
  75. My level 4 Katana Hero lost 1v1 to level 8 Long sword ashigaru
  76. Quite a little problem
  77. Can people make YOU drop?
  78. No Gun Club
  79. veteran stats not showing correct
  80. Lotus sect adherant removed?
  81. ****py patch ?
  82. No.68 New and improved patch fix for alt f4 patrons
  83. I stand corrected square formation a**es this is for you
  84. CA should do something about matchlocks and bow spam!
  85. Katana samurai vs No-Dachi samurai
  86. Random post battledrops since patch...gone?
  87. Stupid Tactics are encouraging more Stupid Tactics
  88. When will people learn to use archers?
  89. Only 43 Veteran slots after reaching lvl 10
  90. You Have Lost Connection To The Game ... Counts as a loss?
  91. GamerDudester vs Heir of Carthage Celebrity gaming
  92. My rank in 1v1 was 10 now it's OVER 9000!!
  93. What the F**K is wrong with steam???
  94. Nuns in shogun + other new units
  95. I wanna be, the very best! so help me if you can *dub dun dun!*
  96. Matchmaking issues/complaints
  97. Help! Lost my Avatar.
  98. Katana Cav - Not vetting
  99. Multiplayer Campaign still unplayable
  100. katana hero cloned
  101. Useless Veterans Upgrades
  102. Avatar Map Travelling : Request Help
  103. Clan Bug
  104. Everyone labeled the same
  105. non vetted zerg tactics...
  106. The great big list of ****s
  107. Wow...didn't see this coming.
  108. Changing a clan bug
  109. Next patch wishlist thread
  110. Ladder: why did i suddenly get 10 more losses?
  111. MP isn't fun anymore....
  112. NEWS on the next patch......! CA responded
  113. Im getting ******g tired of matchlock behind spears spamm
  114. Balanced Army Bonus?
  115. im geting really ******g ****ed off
  116. My Matchlock experiment
  117. Katana cav vetting is broken
  118. Medieval 2: Total War unit limitation
  119. WHat was this extra small patch about?
  120. suggestion to fix camping
  121. 63 meg patch today 5/13 at 1:20PM US East Coast time
  122. Newbie (To TW games) Gettin his **** kicked.
  123. Where Do I Find Replays?
  124. "The Host has left the game"
  125. avatar name?
  126. Is hit point general upgrade worth it?
  127. Matchlock testing
  128. Shogun 2 multiplayer SUCKS RIGHT NOW!
  129. Poor Troop Movement Programing Please fix.
  130. Wins not registering
  131. Shogun 2 Multiplayer Co-op... just frustrating
  132. Unable to spend skill points on veterans
  133. Another OP post...
  134. how much XP do you need for unit to vet?
  135. Tosa Cup Round Up
  136. Melee defence bug: Katana Hero and Katana Samurai
  137. Rapid Fire broken
  138. Firerockets are awesome!
  139. Melee Attack basic skill #2 doesn't work?
  140. completely rediculous...
  141. Bow Cavalry Spam
  142. What have i just downloaded? ~60mb
  143. Cant use clan tokens to upgrade veterans
  144. Patch notes are fake
  145. Ladder problem
  146. Simple Fix to Camping
  147. Flags mp colours... CA please give us this option!
  148. Morale Hack?
  149. [Poll] What do you think about Sea battles after the Patch(2) ?
  150. Multiplayer blues....
  151. Is the multiplayer stat sytem working at the moment ?
  152. Unable to view stats changes during battle?
  153. Fixing matchlock units part II
  154. Penalty for leaving a clan
  155. Buddhism Vs Christianity?
  156. A new life
  157. Changing Clan
  158. WTF is going on in 2 vs 2? AI taking over my army?!
  159. Getting no monk veterans
  160. [Request/Idea]Smooth Zooming in Avatar Creation Mode
  161. playing vs level 10 russians: "you have lost connection to the game"
  162. Wins not updating, neither is clan provinces
  163. Avatar still not visible on the battlefield.
  164. Occasional soft lock in ‘opponent found, arranging battle’ has been NOT fixed
  165. Drop prob fixed?
  166. Anyone else HATE 14k?
  167. Change Clan Specification
  168. Im not 100% sure that there is an exploit that forces you to lose connection
  169. What's wrong with the matchmaking?
  170. Clan Competition issues
  171. Cant leave one clan to join another
  172. Just a note
  173. Frozen Ladders in Shogun Mulitplayer
  174. Shogun 2 Commandments (especially for former Age of Empires players)
  175. Taking things a little too far
  176. I got an armor drop for spectating
  177. epic battle
  178. About Campaign Drop-In
  179. My Light Cavalry and Katana Calvary Combo
  180. Starting Province determines how fast your units rank up?
  181. What's your most successful setup?
  182. To Creative Assembly: Matchlock Monks Need a Nerf in MP
  183. current bugs: Cav units cant be upgraded, provinces cant be captured, stats frozen
  184. What is the sneakiest tactic you've used?
  185. 2 noob QUESTIONS
  186. Improved Rally Ability for Generals: Worth the points?
  187. Just what is going on with the clan comp and leaderboards???
  188. is there all map names with map of this maps somewhere?
  189. does armor work for melee aswell?
  190. CA plz read: prepatch upgrades should be refreshed.....
  191. More crashes after patch?
  192. Failed to host session
  193. suggestion ?
  194. Increase the price of the matchlocks
  195. help me for open army list
  196. 4v4 Land Wins Not Recorded
  197. Competitive MP totally broken
  198. Do you think B.IA should be set to Very Hard when a player lost connection.
  199. This is a poll----vote to show your opinion to ca!---just a yes or a no for answers
  200. Wasn't the Samurai code one of honour?
  201. Sick of these bugs: CA would you fix your game already?
  202. Same opponent after the 1st battle.
  203. Noob Help
  204. Who is your best man?
  205. How do you input Russian or foreign font in Multiplayer?
  206. Let's give CA guys a break!
  207. Unbalanced Spears Bug
  208. Moral question: what should level 10s use in small funds to be fair?
  209. Look into this please!
  210. Yari Ashigaru are so OP, need a nerf....
  211. Psychological warfare (PSYWAR)
  212. This game's online multiplayer is ****ing me off (Rant: You can't tell?)
  213. Best commentator vids?
  214. Katana horse vet question
  215. A question about balanced monk armies
  216. Retainers - Organization
  217. I have the best units and you don't
  218. Is this a bug or not
  219. Something I have noticed while testing against a rank 1 player
  220. Complaining is easier than learning!
  221. Clan Tokens - A Joke?
  222. Differences between units need to be adressed
  223. AI taking over in MM whats going on?
  224. Game freezes when changing clan
  225. CA watch this! This is why matchlocks needs NERFING ASAP!
  226. War Stories: Post yours
  227. Vetting matchlocks
  228. report majour exploit
  229. Public Shame
  230. Someone explain this to me pls
  231. CA please reset LeaderBoards and Generals
  232. A place for 22 k battles with a small tweak
  233. Matchlock rapid fire - a shot every 12 seconds...
  234. 100+ games and 1 armor reward :(
  235. Please Help!!! Avatar Conquest account got deleted out of no where!
  236. shogun 2, 2 gig update
  237. Why is attack strength worth more than defense strength? Armor useless?
  238. Shogun Totalwar2 Multiplayer Chat Lobby/Steam Group.
  239. Make it clear who's hosting team games
  240. Another newbie quitting this game because of poor low level match making
  241. Some brod over the balancing
  242. SERIOUS Imbalance Issues
  243. Clan token unit upgrade
  244. Video proof for matchlocks 100% OP and/or broken
  245. First time i play multiplayer in a TW game.
  246. Looking for a Spear Clan
  247. Select again the clan everyday
  248. Bug/ major cheat - free units.
  249. Veteran units.
  250. CA where are you? Have you forgot about us?