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  1. Can't Play Shogun
  2. Main Menu Options freeze
  3. No Borders, rivers or roads?
  4. mouse and game not lined up
  5. Dishonorable Coward
  6. updating help
  7. Game refuses to work. What the hell?
  8. Help !
  9. Game wont start [Solution - update drivers/steam]
  10. Game Freezes/Crashes when saving, ordering armies to attack, etc
  11. So... My game wont start either
  12. STW 2 Responding After Beginning Loading Screen [Solution - delete preferences]
  13. "game is currently unavailable" [Solution - via steam support FAQ link]
  14. Shogun seems to crash at start of actual gameplay.
  15. "Shogun 2 stopped working" at random[Solution - 32bit WIN & virtual adressing issue]
  16. Crashes 100% during any single player campain battle
  17. I updated my bios now shogun 2 restarts my computer.
  18. Comp Recognizes Shogun As Running But Game Doesnt Start
  19. Problem starting game
  20. Crashing at loading a Battle [Solution change file system from FAT32 to NTFS]
  21. Total War Shogun 2
  22. MAJOR Bug problems... >.<
  23. Automatic saves
  24. Shogun 2 crashes on trademark screen [Solution - .NET framework reinstallation]
  25. Shogun 2 Crash on Splash Screen
  26. Shogun 2 steam wont start (preparing to launch)
  27. crashing when trying to start up the game
  28. NEW NVIDIA DRIVERS 290.53 Beta
  29. Freezing at Splash Screen [Solution - first launch takes a long time (15mins)]
  30. Shogun 2 reboots my pc!! [Solution - BIOS update required for CPU]
  31. Splash screen freeze for 10 minutes, then game runs really slow
  32. Ram upgrade
  33. An unhandled win32 exception occurred in shogun 2 (4576)
  34. Directx 11 (Resolution Problem!)
  35. Doesn't display anything but a black screen when launched. Makes noises and Music.
  36. terrible performance on decent computer
  37. Game is installed but wont open to play... help?
  38. shogun 2 stops working in battles
  39. Shogun 2 Run in Mac??
  40. Shogun 2 Reboots my PC.
  41. TW2 Hangs at Load screen
  42. Very odd crash/file verification
  43. A lot of crashing recently
  44. Problems launching the game.
  45. Crash on trademark screen [Solution - free up space on installation HDD]
  46. HELP! stuck on copyright screen
  47. Anyone know anything about pc graphic cards?!??!
  48. Exits to desktop during Battle load screen.
  49. Shogun 2 restarts computer [Solution - BIOS update for AMD FX-CPU]
  50. Avatar can not promote. XP bar is overflowing
  51. TW Shogun 2 doesn't start PLEASE HELP! [Solution - Update Windows]
  52. Crashing at crash screen, done everything asked?
  53. The game freezes/crashes during the advanced naval tutorial
  54. Shogun 2 replaced its own configuration files with my Google Chrome profile data.
  55. Mouse cursor disappears in game after a while
  56. Need help installing Beta Bios [Solved]
  57. Help is needed with playing S2:TW
  58. Shogun 2 crashes. Steam issues?
  59. Crash to Desktop every time when loading a battle
  60. The game freezes and then stops working randomly.
  61. Game crashes a few minutes after launch.
  62. Overclock advantages in Shogun 2
  63. Shogun 2 crashes to desktop on New Campaign, Tutorials, etc. with no errors
  64. Shogun 2 Help
  65. I cant see Alliance members chat in game/And i cant add skill points to my Vet Units
  66. Suggesting a sticky about the AMD 3+ Boards
  67. Shogun 2 crash problem
  68. game doesnt load past inital title/trademark screen
  69. Just Bought the game yesterday [Steam], stuck on "Splash" Screen
  70. blue screen crash
  71. Shogun 2 crashes at splash screen, steam version
  72. How I can record Steam Shogun2 Total War on DVD?
  73. 3 bluscreens in 1 day! Ridiculous!
  74. help .. no text in boxes .. game crashes [Solution - Current STEAM update]
  75. Shogun 2 15-30 minute start load time. Choppy cinematic, choppy game play.
  76. Rise of the Samurai clan names, descriptions are blank [Solution remove mod]
  77. Shogun 2 Splash Screen Crash [Uninstalled chrome - and cleaned registry leftovers]
  78. Failure to Launch (Steam) [Solution - by following FAQ fixes]
  79. Shogun 2 BSOD at Splash Screen
  80. Can't "Benchmark CPU"
  81. siege battle crash
  82. Shogun won't start. [Solution - Graphics driver update]
  83. Replays don't work
  84. i can play ?
  85. Shogun 2 - problem with steam [ Temporary issue as STEAM cloud was down]
  86. Steam failing to launch
  87. A fix for "preparing to launch" error ['Solution run secondary C++ installers]
  88. Steam working.
  89. having radom crashes with shogun 2 pls help
  90. Shogun 2: complete freeze [Solution - Audio driver update]
  91. A question about avatar conquest specialization choice at start
  92. How do I get rid of the snowmen?
  93. Coop-Campaign Camerabug fixed!
  94. Multiplayer - Serious issue with avatar
  95. Black conquest map in Avatar Conquest
  96. Logo screen freeze [Solution - WAIT a little longer on the first launch]
  97. 1st load u p screen crash on AMD3+ Bulldozer
  98. Shogun Freeze and errors [Solution 32bit memory/address workaround]
  99. Shogun crashes on me everytime [Solution AMD FX BIOS upgrade]
  100. Campaign CTD
  101. Please Help My game always crashes the second it starts up!
  102. AMD3+ Bulldozer game start up crash FIX
  103. General liv.10 silver, only 67 slot veterans....
  104. Shogun 2 crashes at start [Solution - uninstall incredibar tool from browser]
  105. DRM Corrupting my games
  106. How do i get rid of the awesomium process thing? it seems to not let me run the game
  107. Shogun 2 crashes at title screen
  108. Game is crashing at initial loading screen
  109. Shogun 2 Wont even start
  110. Shogun 2
  111. Very poor performance on very good config
  112. Game crashing/hanging at splash screen
  113. Post-battle freeze/integrity of game cache?
  114. Shogun 2 launch problem
  115. A request to Creative Assembly that I want taken seriously.
  116. Game Crash on Splashscreen
  117. The game take ages on each loadingscreen, and when I do get in, the lag is terrible.
  118. When can we expect a Patch ???
  119. Проблема при игре по локалке
  120. Serious Error, Not Starting At All.
  121. can't join multiplayer battles due to version??
  122. Loading takes very long and crashing
  123. BSOD several minutes into gameplay.
  124. unrestricted camera
  125. Shogun 2 Total War crashing on load up
  126. Still stuck at trademark logo screen.
  127. m14x not using its avalible video memory?
  128. Help me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  129. Also stuck on logo splash screen
  130. Crash to Reboot at Start - AMD FX-CPU [Solution - update BIOS and install KB-Patchs]
  131. Shogun 2 crashes on loading screen! [Solution - remove virus]
  132. Description of units - variables
  133. Have to rebbot to play
  134. Missing DLC [Solved by STEAM update]
  135. Stuck on loading screen (15minutes load up time) (When loaded takes long load times)
  136. DLC units Glitch CA must read! fix needed!
  137. Unable to select DirectX 11 before startup [Solution DX11 not supported by graphics]
  138. SHOGUN 2 crashes & reboots [Solution - update BIOS]
  139. Last Resort Before I Ask for a Refund! Please Help!
  140. Total War: Shogun 2 freezes on splash screen (Copy right screen)
  141. Shogun Two unable to start [Solution - FX CPU issue, BIOS update, Windows Update]
  142. system specs too low?
  143. Another User stuck on the Splash Loading Screen!
  144. Shogun 2 - HELP?
  145. Crash Shogun 2 [Solution - installed missing windows updates+Service Packs]
  146. Can this rig run Shogun 2 on Ultra?
  147. Total war shogun 2 keeps crashing and force restarting my computer during start-up
  148. Game crashes
  149. Christian temples economic bonus question
  150. Game is freezing/locking during matches! Pleas help me fix this
  151. CTD on Splash Screen While Loading
  152. For all those who have the startup freeze/startup restart problem
  153. HELP crash start
  154. Cannot Get Shogun 2 to Play (Copyright screen issue)
  155. Crash on load battle
  156. game crashes on brand new computer at startup
  157. shogon 2, empire and napolean total war random appcrashs
  158. Game not launching after splash screen - Game has stopped responding error
  159. Game crashes on start up.
  160. Crash on splash screen
  161. shogun 2 freezes on start up [Solution - wait til loading has finished]
  162. Graphics Problem
  163. Huge load times and low FPS [Solution - BIOS update needed for AMD FX CPU]
  164. Error when trying to start shogun (win32 error 32)
  165. Please help Shogun 2 Crash constantly tried everything [Solution 32bit workaround]
  166. Benchmark Results
  167. Game gets stuck on logo screen
  168. Game won't get past the first screen and eventually goes not responding
  169. Poor FPS in close combat scenes
  170. Game keeps freezing
  171. NVIDIA GT540M/DX11 problem
  172. Random CTDs at battle start or end [Workaround - nVidia inspector]
  173. War room
  174. STW2 not starting [Solution for AMD FX-CPUs, Windows patches + BIOS update]
  175. Anyone running S2 okay on same PC spec as me?
  176. Shogun 2 start problems
  177. Is Port forwarding necessary for Campaign multiplayer if you're the host?
  178. Shogun 2 total war crashes on start up
  179. How do I get a refund?
  180. Error on start up screen [Solution - re-install Windows]
  181. I'm still experiencing severe performance issues..
  182. Freeze and slow loading
  183. Random freeze co-op [Solution - Memory Adressing problems in 32bit OS workaround]
  184. help me please...
  185. Will SSD make Shogun 2 Faster (FPS)
  186. BIOS update not compatible with Windows 64-bit [Solution - use QFlash installer]
  187. Multiplayer Issues
  188. TWS2 Crash at Splash screen
  189. Shogun 2 stuck at startup screen
  190. 7 min + load time , 2fps ingame ?
  191. Extra Vet slots unfair
  192. Ranking still bugged
  193. Game Will Not Start [Solution - deleted preferences]
  194. CTD (Splash screen) [Solution - deleting preferences folders]
  195. Help!
  196. Shogun 2 Restarts my PC on startup of game. [Solution AMD FX hotfixes & Bios update]
  197. my crest is on the floor?
  198. Blue Screen on start-up
  199. What are the best graphic settings fo DX 9 graphic cards???
  200. cant play cause of crash
  201. Splash screen crash!
  202. BIOS issue question
  203. Shogun 2 won't start
  204. Shogun 2 won't start [Solution - uninstalled google chrome]
  205. Shogun 2 Crashes at Startup
  206. Transfer to a external harddrive - crashes when I try to load a battle
  207. Need help, please
  208. game crash
  209. Major crash problem !!!
  210. Lve it, but TWS2 oftn crashes.Wil CA patch Shogun 2 and make future gams less glichy?
  211. Cant Play Multiplayer, buttons greyed out.
  212. cant matchmake pleaase help
  213. Can't play because of awesomium.DLL
  214. Game freeze during online battles, please help !!
  215. Will Shogun 2 run on my system?
  216. Shogun 2 Will Not Start
  217. Stuck on loading screen, help please, thanks.
  218. Will the game crash on my amd fx 6100?
  219. Shogun 2 Freeze on Start up and Restarts my PC
  220. Shogun 2 freezes on start up [Solution - update drivers and long wait for start-up]
  221. Shogun Program not responding on startup.
  222. Siege bug
  223. my total war shogun 2 wont open
  224. My shogun has stoped working!!
  225. Shogun to wont start
  226. Game won't start, haven't run it since before the new year.
  227. low cpu utilization (3930k) in game.
  228. need help for game freezing
  229. Multiplayer Win/Loss problem
  230. AMD Bulldozer issue: stuck on splash screen [Solution - BIOS update]
  231. CTD on Battle Load
  232. The first clue you've got a seriously unresolved issue with a game
  233. Game crashes during multiplayer battle
  234. DLC's dissapeared then game won't start
  235. Ultra weird screen resolution/display and mouse bug. [Solution - reinstalled game]
  236. Nothing Saving
  237. Help plz
  238. game keep freezing
  239. Total War Shogun 2 KEEPS CRASHING!!
  240. Shogun Crash on Splash screen HELP
  241. Crashes on Splash Screen
  242. total war shogun 2 (press) ???
  243. Total War Shogun 2 crashes on start up
  244. My shogun 2 total war wont work
  245. Total War: SHOGUN 2 startup screen crash.
  246. Shogun 2 no longer starts
  247. If i launch shogun 2 total war my computer reboot (plz plz help)
  248. Game Crashing - Please Help
  249. Directx Error!?!? Seriously Bummed!!
  250. S2 crashes to desktop when going to diplomacy screen or multiplayer campaign map