View Full Version : Glitches that Happen on My Napoleon: Total War Game that I Hope can be Fixed

Commodore Wesley
03-20-2011, 01:43 PM
I find that I have several problems with my Napoleon: Total War game, I have several problems with land troop deployment on the battlefield. Instead of my troops forming a line, they form strange angles and have huge gaps between the regiments. I have no idea what triggers the glitch. It usualy happens when I put units in a group and then move them. I don't know that this glich is normal or not...

I have also found a glich that causes the program to crash. When I am in a Navy Battle that lasts over 30 minutes and I board an emeny ship, right before my ship boards, the game crashes. However, if I don't have the ship selected or I am watching the ship, I don't think the program crashes.

I also noticed a glich when in my Russian Campain, I was attacked on land by Spain. They were assalting one of my cities with 12 pound artilery. They fired for a while, but then they stoped. I looked closely at them and noticed that the men would aim the gun, then then walked backwards, and reaim the gun without firing. I did save this battle as a replay, so if you need to see the problem to fix it, I can easly show it.

Finaly I noticed a glitch that after I play for a while the icons below the city that shows the region's happiness start to dissapear. Again I don't know if this can be fixed or not.

If there is a particular place to place this info other than in the forum, please tell me so I can place it somewhere so that it can be fixed. Thanks!

Dionysius the Mighty
03-20-2011, 10:37 PM
Moved to Tech Support. Please post a copy of your DxDiag report to help diagnose your CTD issue.

06-08-2011, 11:40 AM
does anybody know why in some of the battles i play a black box pops up over all the characters when ever the camera moves a further away from them.