View Full Version : Game crashes at playing campaign

03-26-2011, 01:08 PM
The Game has worked great so far. But today an error occured in the campaign mode when the "Date" Clan was at their turn.
I can't continue playing the campaign because of this problem. The game crashes und shuts down immediately.

The only thing i could find out was that the "Date" Clan walked with an army to his own city. Then it crashes.
I tried to turn off the option, which shows the turns of the other clans, but the error still occured.

I hope there is some help for me and a solution for my problem.
Because it is really annoying to play this great game nearly 30 hours and then you can't continue.

03-26-2011, 05:14 PM
Send your savegame and a short problem description to:

03-26-2011, 05:40 PM
Where can I find the savegame?
I've been searching for some time, but I can't find it :S