View Full Version : Request for clarification on "AI Army Spamming"

03-27-2011, 01:00 PM
Hello all, I am hoping for a reply from an employee of sega or CA, not your good selves (my apologies, no offence intended) but feel free to add your own experiences...

I was playing on legendary, on the second island, not the shimazu island, while playing as the shimazu, killed off the chosokabe with a full stack of doom after they failed to earn a foothold on my island, moved on the islands other occupiers, i forget the clan name, and they send half a stack to intercept, which i had seen leaving the city with my ninja, leaving only 3 units behind. my ninja followed and unsuccesfully attempted to sabotage it. I destroyed the half stack with my full stack and marched on the city. after 2 turns i arrived and found an entire stack of troops with 2-3xp.... i lost the battle and they proceeded to take the entire island... to make it worse they did not posses the buildings required for these units... i started multiple games going from hardest to easiest and similar events unfolded every time with different clans....

My question is this - I have heard talk that the ai can "magic" armies out of nowhere when out of LOS... can someone from sega or CA please confirm or deny this?

i dont mind economic bonuses, being able to build more at once etc, but it really ruins the game for me when im just fighting stack after stack that is unrealistically spawned out of nowhere, whats the point in playing if my attacks either military or economic have absolutely no impact on the course of any given war???

Seriously, if I dont get an awnser im either going to return the game or just stop playing entirely, I own every TW game except empire & napoleon as i heard they were ruined by aspects such as these... I havent yet even touched on the difficulties faced in multiplayer... people spend more time searching for a game than playing, and if you are lucky enough to actually get to play, if you look like youre going to win the other player just does alt+f4 or whatever and the game doesnt count, no win for you - no loss for him!

I've already returned to playing a mod for R:TW called "ran no jidai", set in feudal japan. Whats gone wrong when an amatuer effort surpasses a brand new game!? :confused: