View Full Version : Everything Wrong with Shogun 2 - that needs to be fixed.

04-10-2011, 10:24 PM
1. There is no time limit on multiplayer battle and more importantly sieges. If your defending and kill half his force people just retreat and sit there for ages, then I as a defender have to leave the fort and attack him with half the number of his troops because he's just sitting there waiting for me to quit the game!

2.There no leave button on the troop set up page, I've joined many games where the ******s set it up as 3 v 1 that never works and you have to Alt, F4 to leave.

3. Going into battles the game crashes and shuts down.

4. "Lost connection with game"

5. "Lost connection with Steam" (even with my internet still working fine)

6. The 3 v 1 battle never work as "Army already in use"

7. Hosting a match doesn't show in the multiplayer list. (ive only ever seen 3 games in 2 weeks)

8. Highlight it more when Its a siege battle, .i.e. not hard to see text that you can miss at the sides.

9.We need a retainer set saver the same as the troop saver.

10. The retainer pics need to have clear icons on to show what class its for so we can quickly set them up, instead of reading all of them .i.e. a sword, bow, or horse icon etc.

11 Some units don't group when you group them with other units, one unit is left out the group and cannot be grouped.

12. some groups bug and cannot be moved so you have to ungroup them to move them, even when there's lots of space to place them.

13 in vista when you close the game down you have a version running in the Task Manager

14, when you validate the game , you always have "Files failed to validate and will be replaced"

15. When its looking for a match, it says Opponent found, arranging battle..... this goes on forever like its bugged and you can not leave it. so Alt f4

16. Some people pc are so rubbish that they don't load into a multiplayer game with in the 300 Secs. So 3 of us player are waiting for ages for the time to count down and when it does the game is cancelled.

17. You spend more time waiting to play, than playing shogun 2

04-10-2011, 10:33 PM
13 also applies with Windows 7, and is terrible due to the amount of times on this game you're forced to alt-F4. Another problem is if you go straight to the clan competition page and click it straight after getting online, you will crash to desktop if you move the mouse onto the map.

Hidden Gunman
04-10-2011, 11:02 PM
13 also occurs in XP...however, the game seems very stable otherwise.

04-11-2011, 12:42 AM
Yes 13 happens in XP as hidden gunman said. Also 17 is probably true I'll be searching around trying to find a match for 30 minutes and I'll get some alt+F4er that ends the game after a few minutes... Sticking to single player for a while until multiplayer is fixed.

Chris lol
04-11-2011, 02:12 AM
13 also occurs in XP...however, the game seems very stable otherwise.

Win 7 as well for me