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09-03-2011, 10:42 PM
I've had this problem with Napoleon since i bought it, for some reason I'm only getting 20 fps, but with Shogun 2 im getting 60 fps or higher. Both games are on ultra settings with anti aliasing turned off, antistropic x16 and res set to the highest, 1900 something. Shogun I have no problems with, it runs smoothly. However Napoleon it lags in frame rate.

In shogun 2 I can play up to 2v2 with minimal lag issues, 1v1 there is no lag at all

Napoleon 2v2 i get about 10 fps, 1v1 i get about 18-20.

My graphics card is an EVGA gtx465. Cards specs are:

1024MB of gpu ram

core clock: 625
shader clock: 1250
memory clock: 1620

These are factory default for the superclocked version. I'm thinking about over clocking my card, will overclocking it increase my framerate? If so, anyone know how much I should increase my core, shader, and memory clock by? I'm using EVGA precision.

Computer specs:
CPU: AMD phenom II x4 black edition 3.2ghz
RAM: 4gb Ripjaws
GPU:1024MB GDDR5 GeForce GTX 465 superclocked