View Full Version : Windows 8 Pro Compatibility Issues?

12-07-2012, 04:15 PM
Hello, I have had the Mediviel 2 Total War for over a year now, and love it, although recently upgrading to windows 8 Pro, full version, when I try to launch it I get this error:

This Application is not compatible with the installed operating system.
Please upgrade to Windows 98SE, Windows 2000 or better.

I use ME2 Gold on CD.

Any tips on how I can fix this?

Don't start a debate about Windows 7 VS Windows 8.

12-07-2012, 05:05 PM
Sorry Super, but afaik, these two don't play nicely together. Might have to use a double boot option with the old 7 around for things like this.

I do not know if compatability mode would help (my experience with this in other situations has never been worth the effort), however I have not played this title in years and have no direct experience. Maybe Irish or someone else who has messed around with it can say, although a quick look around seems to indicate my initial reaction is anecdotally right... :( Sorry.