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Thread: Cheats Abusing Funding limits in match made Games

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    Default Cheats Abusing Funding limits in match made Games

    Ive been running into alot of players abusing the funds to make victory no sweat. I get a match made battle with a fund of 5000$ so small.

    Before the match starts and the countdown is almost finished these players add units increasing above budget but the game continues in and on the battlefield there rocking 5 units of katana samurai nagari spearman....bow samurai then to top it off yari cavalry and not just 1 or 2 its 3-5.

    No wai this is below or on 5000$ exact and when I excused the guy of cheating, he just laughed and continued on arguing he didnt develop the game so his gona abuse it.

    The one guy recent which is gona make me stop playing multiplayer till this is fixed because No point playing cheats over and over was GeneralMad I do have a replay of his over budget army.

    TL: DR Players abusing Fund budget to Slaughter in match made battles.
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