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Thread: Empire TW Product code.

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    Default Empire TW Product code.

    few months ago, I purchased the game Empire Total war (Gold edition) from France whilst on holiday. When attempting to install this game, the code I used gave me the message:

    "Please first activate the original game, the code you've entered requires ownership of another product before activation".

    This was when I entered into Product Activation. However, I do not believe it is a special forces or other code, as it say's above it:

    "Code of activation for Empire total war Gold edition"

    , I decided to try again after all this time and have finally decided to get support on the matter. I can only find the code on this part of the manual, at the back of the main booklet. I know it is not an extra as I followed the instructions for finding the code well, I have already sent a query to Steam and Sega customer support but no reply after a couple of days. I don't know if it requires ownership of another game before buying ETW gold edition.

    If needed i'll provide screenshots of what happens when I enter code.

    Help would be greatly appreciated.


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    If you're sure it's the main code and not a DLC code, then this is odd. Could be that the codes have just got muddled up somehow on the version you bought. Not much you can do unless you can return in to the retailer you bought it from. Or maybe try contacting Sega support.

    You could also try changing your Steam location to France seeing as how you bought the game in France - but that's a long shot.

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