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Thread: How to get rich.

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    Not really much different to the Ashigaru garrison and high tax thing. It's really just an exploit and takes away the challenge. Good for those who are finding it hard but doubt I will be using it.

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    Thanks for the tip. I gave up Military Access for free for a military alliance. I can't remember who with but I was playing the Chokosabe (I hope I spelt that right) and I'd just taken over the island they were on and moved onto the mainland and took a clans last territory, only to find I was completely surrounded by another clan. Thankfully they offered me a Military Alliance, so I counter offered Unlimited Military Access for both of us.....but didn't ask for any money

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maurice76 View Post

    And Batavus, I take it your post should have been for another topic? I don't see it bearing any relevance to the topic being discussed here.
    Perhaps. Though the thing is if you don't improve buildings and keep your army mainly Ashigaru then you should also not have financial problems.
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