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Thread: Patch notes - patch accompanying Rise of the Samurai

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    Default Patch notes - patch accompanying Rise of the Samurai

    Hi guys,

    It's a bit seat-of-pants today as I'm posting these notes one-handed on the CA Eurogamer Expo stand, but I promised you guys I'd get these out. Please just bear with me if I can't answer questions on the thread right away.

    Below is the full list of notes. Apologies if the formatting is a bit screwy - like I said, I'm improvising here

    Steam Notes, Free content and Patch notes

    • The new Total War Shogun 2: Rise of the Samurai campaign is available Sep 27th. For further information, please go to

    Complete patch contents

    Free castle pack

    Three newly-designed castles specifically for the Shogun 2 campaign map:

    o 1 standard sized castle of new configuration
    o 1 standard sized castle on a clifftop with limited approaches
    o 1 top-tier castle, considerably larger than any other castle in Shogun 2

    Each castle appears across five maps, resulting in 15 new siege battle-map variants.
    These maps do not appear in the Rise of The Samurai DLC campaign.

    Multiplayer balances and tweaks

    Influence point changes:

    • Corruption and logistics: clans will suffer a cumulative 5% cost in influence point gain for every province beyond 3 that they own (with a maximum penalty of 95%).
    • Points loss: Every time a player loses a match-made battle, they will lose 50% of the clan influence they would have gained for a victory.
    • A number of filters have been added to help display the strategic situations of your own and other clans in the clan competition.
    • You can now cycle through and view all other worlds in the clan competition as well as search for a specific clan and view the world they are operating in
    • Filters have been added to sort retainers into smaller concise lists based on units and weapon restrictions.


    There is now a series of rewards for players whose clans are promoted:

    • Winner of clan competition (Mon, Crest, Helmet)
    • Promotion into tier 1 (Mon, Crest)
    • Promotion (Mon, Crest)

    Avatar promotion and prestige:

    • Upon reaching level 10, Avatars can now be promoted to a new Prestige level and re-play the avatar conquest mode.
    • Coloured ranking stars are now used to define the current Prestige of an avatar: Bronze; Silver and Gold
    • Upon promotion to a new Prestige level, the avatar’s skill-tree is reset, but his units retain their veterancy, and he retains any armour pieces, retainers earned through armour pieces and clan tokens
    • Upon promotion to a new Prestige level, Avatars gain +10 Veteran Slots
    • Higher-Prestige avatars require consequently more XP to level, and cost more to field.
    • Match-made battles will now prioritise avatar level when attempting to match players, taking into account ELO rating.

    General UI improvements:

    • The XP bar on the avatar screen now shows current and required XP for a rank increase
    • Avatar rank is now shown on the pre-battle setup screen of all users
    • The player’s current number of clan tokens is now displayed on the skills tree
    • Locked icons have been added to retainer slots which currently can’t be used
    • Units and retainers which cannot be used in the next battle have been made more visible.


    Ladder and overall stats have been rearranged for clarification and ease of use.

    Battle UI:

    An avatar’s primary skill-set is now displayed on the avatar’s banner in battles. This is based on the skill tree with the most skill points spent within it.

    Siege Battles:

    • Time limit added to siege battles (45 mins)
    • The small funds bracket has been removed from match-made siege battles
    • The Kyoto and Buatsui castle maps have been removed from match-making map pool

    New Maps

    • 11 New battle maps have been added:
    • Chubu Pass
    • Chugoku River
    • Ehime Gorge
    • Gunma Field
    • Hokuriku Crossing
    • Kansai Wood
    • Kanto Plains
    • Koshinetsu Ridge
    • Saga River
    • Tohoku Forest
    • Tokai Valley
    • All non-key building maps have been removed from the match-making map pool.

    Naval Battles:

    • Funding bracket adjustments
    • Small: 5000 (no change)
    • Medium: 10,000 (down from 14,000)
    • Large: 18,000 (down from 24,000)

    Drop-in Battles

    • Avatars now get awarded XP if the player participates in a drop-in battle
    • The amount of XP awarded is double the base win/loss XP for avatar battles

    Multiplayer balancing


    • Tetsu-Bishi Caltrops: spear and missile units’ bonus vs cav increased from +3 to +4
    • Camp Sickness: missile units’ speed debuff increased
    • Gokamon Bodyguard: avatar melee defence increased from +5 to +6
    • Scroll of Inspirational verse: avatar melee attack increased from +3 to +4
    • Supply Wagon: missile units’ extra ammo increased from +5 to +8
    • Kacchu-Mochi Armour-Bearer: avatar armour increased from +3 to +4
    • Mouldy Feed Stocks: enemy cavalry fatigue resistance debuff increased
    • Uma-Jirushi Nobori Standard-Bearer: avatar morale buff increased from +2 to +3
    • Lightweight Gunjingura War Saddle: cavalry speed buff increased from +5% to +10%
    • Zori Tori Sandal-Bearer: avatar fatigue resistance increased
    • Yabusami Master: avatar accuracy and reload speed increased from +5/+5 to +7/+7
    • Untrained Fugu Cook : Effect now applies to sword infantry only
    • Trading Post: cost decrease for all units reduced from -5% to -4%
    • Drill Square: sword infantry melee defence bonus reduced from +3 to +2.
    • Yagyu Sword Instructor: sword infantry melee attack bonus reduced from +2 to +1.
    • World Weary: accuracy debuff reduced from -5 to -3, melee attack debuff reduced from -2 to -1

    Multiplayer units

    • Loan Sword Ashigaru: cost from 400 to 500
    • Bow Warrior Monks: cost from 1000 to 1100
    • Matchlock Ashigaru: cost from 400 to 500
    • Great Guard: cost from 1200 to 1300
    • Daiyku Samurai : cost from 1000 to 1100
    • Fire Bomb Throwers: cost from 700 to 600
    • Yari Hero: cost from 1550 to 1200
    • Bow Hero: cost from 1650 to 1500
    • Katana Hero: cost from 1600 to 1500
    • Naginata Warrior Monk Hero: cost from 1700 to 1500
    • Kisho Ninja: cost from 700 to 600
    • Matchlock Samurai: cost from 700 to 650
    • Bow Cavalry: cost from 650 to 600

    Naval units:

    • Bow Kobaya: cost from 850 to 500
    • Fire Bomb Kobaya cost from 1050 to 700
    • Medium Bune: cost from 1800 to 1550
    Fire arrow ability added
    • Siege Tower Bune: cost from 1550 to 3000
    • Sengoku Bune: cost from 2000 to 1800
    • Cannon Bune: cost from 4000 to 6000
    • Heavy Bune: cost from 2400 to 2000
    Fire arrow ability added
    • Admiral Heavy Bune Fire arrow ability added

    Unit caps introduced:

    Land units

    • Loan Sword Ashigaru 4
    • Bow Warrior Monks 2
    • Matchlock Ashigaru 3
    • Matchlock Monks 1
    • Matchlock Samurai 2
    • Naginata Attendants 5
    • Sword Attendants 6
    • Great Guard 1
    • Bow Cavalry 3

    Naval units
    • Cannon Bune 1
    • Fire Bomb Kobaya 4
    • Siege Tower Bune 4
    • Matchlock Kobaya 6
    • Medium Bune 6
    • Sengoku Bune 6
    • Nihon Maru 1
    • O Ataka Bune 4
    • Heavy Bune 6
    • Bow Kobaya 6

    Veteran Skills

    • Matchlock Accuracy upgrades reduced
    • Sword unit melee attack skill upgrades reduced
    • Sword unit charge bonus upgrades reduced

    Free XP weekends

    The ability to run XP multiplier weekends is now in the codebase. We’re now planning a series of weekend events in which individual unit types, Avatars, specific clans and more can gain experience and veterancy at increased rates, and drop-rates for legendary items and retainers can be increased.
    Keep an eye on Steam and the Total War forums for more information in coming weeks!

    Bug Fix list


    • The Mastery of the waves achievement will no longer unlock in rare instances after a land battle


    • Naval AI will now attempt to repair damaged ships
    • Path finding improvements for Naval AI when near to land
    • Siege Battle AI improvements, in larger games especially, the AI will be much more reactive to player actions
    • Several battle AI improvements.
    • Multiple Campaign AI improvements, including new AI weighting to prevent attempts at raiding when sieging castles.
    • Fixed Wako Pirate fleets occasionally remaining idle after spawning in campaign

    • Updated Avatar skill icons, both in UI and in battle to allow visual identification of avatar type
    Improved appearance of campaign on low spec machines


    • Several voice over audio fixes for in-battle VO
    • Voice over and audio fixes for Campaign map A bit too similar


    • Fixed post battle lockup
    • Public order and town wealth growth penalties on High and Extortionate taxation levels were greatly reduced
    • Fixed issue with religious agents incorrectly modifying chance of success of bribe actions
    • Fixed rebels spawning inside zones of control
    • Fixed multi-turn incite revolt orders not being cancelled when a there is a rebellion in target province
    • Apprehend action now costs money
    • Improved flee behaviour for bribed characters
    • Fixed case where a coastal assault battle would involve the castle
    • Fixed multi-turn attack orders not being invalidated by successful bribes
    • Fixed being able to order more recruitment items from a general than there is room to display them
    • Fixed issue where discovered characters may not update the pathfinder correctly
    • Fixed issue where bribe system would incorrectly invoke diplomacy UI
    • Fixed issue where flee orders would crash in some circumstances
    • Fixed issue where leave settlement orders would crash in some circumstances
    • Fixed several retainer and trait effects
    • Several text tweaks to make the application of specific effects clear (local, global, etc.)
    • Siege model have sound now
    • Various AI fixes and tweaks


    • Fixed infrequent issue with projectile damage during the increased range skill for Matchlock Warrior Monks (Matchlock Warrior Monks)
    • Fixed a cavalry charge bug that would allow cavalry to maintain a charge bonus despite not charging


    • Fixed a number of Multiplayer campaign desyncs
    • Fixed Crash when returning to main menu after completing a multiplayer campaign
    • Fixed a rare crash on exiting a multiplayer land battle
    • Fixed a crash when the user attempts to quick load whilst the game is displaying an FMV
    • Fixed uncommon crash during intermediate land tutorial
    • Fixed soft lock when attempting to view certain battle ranking statistics in the Multiplayer avatar system
    • Fixed infrequent AI recruitment crash during the Chosokabe campaign tutorial
    • Fixed soft lock during steam invites when on certain screens in the Multiplayer avatar system
    • Player is no longer able to accept invites to play a Multiplayer game without creating an avatar, preventing a rare crash
    • Fixed a crash that occurred in Multiplayer game when the user selects the request alliance button after breaking the alliance on the diplomacy screen
    • Fixed soft lock that occurs when deleting a save game generated during a battle
    • Fixed D3D graphics crash that occurred very rarely on creation of new avatar
    • Fixed a soft lock that occurred when declaring war on the vassal of another player in a Multiplayer campaign


    • The possibility of unchecking all battle types and searching in made multiplayer battles has been removed
    • Added a limit to veteran names, preventing unreadable names on the battlefield
    • Avatar colour scheme now defaults to the army colour scheme when first created
    • The escape button will now cancel rather than confirm skill point allocation in the campaign map
    • AI will now recognise switching sides cost changes during a custom battle setup screen
    • Rank differential penalty will no longer be applied to Campaign drop-in battles
    • New 100% bonus modifier for winning a drop in battle
    • Ikko Ikki Loan Sword Ashigaru are now fully playable as the Ikko Ikki clan in Campaign and custom battle. They are recruited from the Castle chain
    • The Goldfish Scale Sashimono no longer floats above the avatar model in multiplayer battles
    • Fixed a rare issue in which banners and mons would not save correctly in a multiplayer battle replay
    • Avatar statistics will correctly update after playing a battle list battle in multiplayer
    • Several campaign missions have had their bonuses tweaked or reworked
    • Cannon Bunes are now able to fire at will correctly in all situations
    • The Highlight tooltip occasionally got imposed on the campaign map when quick saving, this is now fixed
    • Fixed a rare error that would cause the Leaderboard in multiplayer to not display with the message “Error: Requested Profile could not be found message when selecting Leaderboard”
    • Updates to the Multiplayer avatar conquest map
    • Multiplayer clan competition UI reworked to allow viewing of multiple tiers
    • Multiplayer Naval fund brackets adjusted
    • Fixed inability to use the cycle through generals button in campaign if more than 13 generals were available
    • Multiplayer unit balancing, see multiplayer announcements for further information
    • Fixed several bugs within the retainers in the Multiplayer avatar system
    • Scare enemies now correctly functions at all times in Multiplayer battles
    • Fixed the possibility of Multiplayer units levelling up mid battle and gaining stats in certain larger games in Multiplayer land/siege battles
    • Drop in battles can no longer rarely unlock two regions from the same battle
    • Fixed a server issue causing Avatar profile details to not be retrieved correctly
    • Post battle xp calculations are correctly taking into account several new variables and tweaked values
    • Katana of the pure land is no longer being incorrectly displayed as a legendary retainer and will drop slightly more frequently
    • Fixed several hyperlink within the Encyclopaedia leading to incorrect pages
    • Multiplayer army management UI now scales to display all units correctly without overlapping
    • References to gold in the multiplayer system now reference Koku
    • Player list in Multiplayer campaign now displays correctly if dragged across to another point on the screen
    • Locked units are now viewable in the Multiplayer army management screen
    • Fixed an issue when the player would be set as the attacker instead of defender when selected in custom battles
    • Fixed a rare issue caused by attempting to add retainers during Multiplayer pre-battle setup
    • Home key now selects and zooms to the General in battles
    • Fixed a rare occurrence in multiplayer that would cause scroll bars to not appear
    • Avatar rank will display correctly in stars during the post battle screen of a multiplayer match made battle
    • Fixed an infrequent bug that would cause avatar competition regions to not display correctly
    • UI art fix for ink blot style graphical errors appearing on unit cards in the Multiplayer army management screen
    • Fixed an issue that would cause Avatar xp to display incorrectly when coming out of a match made battle
    • Matchlock troops veteran skills rebalanced in Multiplayer
    • Multiplayer unit caps implemented, see Multiplayer announcement for details
    • UI fix to address the rare bug that would limit the amount of veterans that could be displayed
    • AI players in Multiplayer and custom battles will no longer display the players steam picture and rank
    • Post battle Avatar xp bar will now fill correctly if the avatar gains enough xp to gain a rank
    • Rank 0 Avatars will now have the correct 0 star in pre-battle chat lobbies in Multiplayer
    • Weighting for mission generation will now always correctly fire a relevant mission in Campaign
    • Minor text/grammar fixes

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    Oh my. I'll have to read through these once more, but this sounds very, very good. Thanks Craig!

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    Behind you :O


    The Great Guard is now limited to 1. It's been a while since I last played multiplayer but doesn't it require a retainer(which also lets you have 2 GG). This seems like a huge step back for GG. The cost is increased, needs a retainer and you can only field 1. Don't like that solution at all. Not suitable for Cav commanders at all.

    Othervise it's looking good. Love the units caps(even though they are quite low for some units), the ex-weekends, all the fixes etc.
    All in all it seems you guys will release a **** good patch here along with the RotS.

    "The most amazing things that can happen to a human being will happen to you if you just lower your expectations."


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    Good about the loan swords but i don't understand the reason to limit monk bows number.

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    About the Clan Competition

    Very good that you can toggle through the tiers and see what happen "over Seas". The reward and the corruption is a very good idea.

    But a 50% Penalty by losing a match will force betrayal and exploid. Just swarm the public clan or infiltrate a opposing Clan with some *cough* Accounts and keep losing.

    I hardly suggest a lesser Penalty. 10 or 20 %. If two guys lose a match, on a province especial to strange circumstances and one hard earned victory is senseless then? Most Players have negative Stats. Just some elite Clans just collect victorys and dogde players who might be strong. And this behaviour will now strong supportet. Its a real Invitation now.

    About the unit caps

    No cap for Cavalry? that must be a Mistake or? Some Players keep having Cav only? And just ride through small and medium units back and forth again and again?

    Cav only Spammers are the most exploitable force atm.
    Last edited by Yoritomo; 09-23-2011 at 12:02 PM.
    You want successfully arty camp in deploy zone? Go ahead and get your win.

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    I dont wanna sound negative, but earlier you mentioned 8 pages of fixes, personally, i would be interested in reading all the fixes and all the 8 pages here (or at least somewhere).

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    Quote Originally Posted by RTKAbu View Post
    I dont wanna sound negative, but earlier you mentioned 8 pages of fixes, personally, i would be interested in reading all the fixes and all the 8 pages here (or at least somewhere).
    Actually, if you put the OP to a Word (or equivalent) doc, that's 7 pages. Almost 8 .
    Last edited by Sasu; 09-23-2011 at 12:10 PM.

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    Well, then im a bit dissappointed although of course it contains many fixes which are good, lets hope there are some more patches to come. Still i doubt this is the full document, the earlier announced meat-shield friendly fire morale bug isnt no where to see in the stats for example?

    Also, this is around the same size as the other patch which came out earlier, so for the amount of time we waited for this patch, i just cant say its all that impressive, of course i understand much time has been spend into the new DLC which will hopefully be awesome, i got many faith in the single player part without doubt, but for the multiplayer side....

    As said earlier, i hope many patches will follow this one, but on a much faster rate then now, at this moment, the patch cycle for this game is terribly slow, but maybe i play to many games which are just incredible fast (league of Legend with almost 14-day patches, Starcraft 2 same story). If you cant speed up the patch cycle, then in the next TW just dont care for multiplayer at all, as now its neither excellent nor very bad, and somewhere in the middle, a 6, maybe a 6.5 at most, while the SP is around the 8 or maybe even a 9.

    The multiplayer in this game could be awesome, and is very innovative, but if you cant speed things up, fix things earlier, ban people like blizzard, keep communicating and know which tactics are most used, which units need tweaks etc, then you just arent capable of supporting the ambitious multiplayer side, and you would be better off creating the simple system we had in previous TW games.
    Last edited by RTKAbu; 09-23-2011 at 12:43 PM.

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    No friendly fire fix. Any news about the values of the new units?

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    There's a lot of goodness here, but also a few things I don't understand. I like the changes to clan competition and naval battles for the most part. All those fixes are certainly appreciated as well. However, there are things that don't seem right to me.

    a) As already mentioned by DenmarkRules, the fact that you can now only field 1 unit of GG at increased cost while having a retainer slot still taken away will pretty much eliminate this unit from MP as far as I can tell.

    b) The unit caps are supposed to cripple spammed armies, and they do. The problem here is that they will limit the player's freedom of choice, which I think is unnecessary. I can see that you have also nerfed some of the vet upgrades. Why didn't you just go that way to balance it all out? Wouldn't that be enough?

    c) Another question concerning matchlocks: Has friendly fire been upped to a reasonable level, so you now kill more of your own men when shooting right through them? Do those men get the morale penalty they deserve? I thought this one was to big to be left out, but I don't seem to find anything more on this subject.

    Apart from that, I'd like to say that I appreciate your work and by all means have no intentions of trolling, bashing etc. What I want is to help improve the game if possible. Thank you very much.

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