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Thread: 3rd person/ 1st person combat mod. Is it possible?

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    Default 3rd person/ 1st person combat mod. Is it possible?

    I was just thinking, is it/would it be possible to mod ETW into a 3rd or 1st person combat game? I've been thinking about this for a while (not even sure if I would like this or not), but I am just interested to know whether it could be done, purely from a programmers POV. I'm thinking mainly that there is not the combat/physics engine to support it.
    The idea I have in my head would be something like creating a single controllable player that could be accessed at any point during the battle; to physically control.
    If anyone could let me know whether they think this would be at all possible, it'd be great to know either way. I'm purely asking this question because the idea of it has been bugging me for a while now.

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    Not sure if it is actually possible, but i do remember someone trying something similar to this in rome total war, he never finished it though.

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