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Thread: PLEASE READ : Common issues for FotS and how to solve them (Updated 25/07/2012)

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    Default PLEASE READ : Common issues for FotS and how to solve them (Updated 25/07/2012)

    Hi all,

    Some users have been experiencing issues with FotS and/or the new Shogun 2 patch. This thread will address some of the more common issues with easy fixes and explanations, and will be updated over the week. So, here we go:

    1) Game crashes when using Windows 8 Preview:
    See this thread:

    2) FotS does not show up in my steam games list, only Shogun 2:
    See this thread: FOTS not showing up in Steam

    3) Total War : Shogun 2 is greyed out on Steam after the update:
    Restart Steam. If this does not work, restart your PC. This has solved the issue of Shogun 2 being greyed out for most users.

    4) Various sections of the main menu, such as New Campaign, are greyed out:
    Restart Steam. If this does not work, restart your PC. Doing so has fixed this problem for other users.

    5) The game crashes on startup when I have mods installed
    Check for mods, most specifically DarthMod. Until the mod creators release an update for their mods, it is likely that your game will not run properly with mods installed. To be safe, uninstall all mods until they have been confirmed to work with FotS.

    6) The game crashes in Campaign/Battles and I'm not sure if I have mods installed:
    As with the point above, remove all mods for the time being to ensure that FotS/Shogun 2 runs smoothly. To easily check if you have mods installed, go to the Front End or the Main Menu, and look at the top right. The word "modded" will be present if you have mods installed. See the below screenshot:


    7) My PC locks up after playing Shogun 2 for a while and I have a Radeon HD 7XXX series card:
    We are investigating this. Please feel free to also contact AMD and see if there is anything they can do on their end to help out.

    8) Game crashes on the Avatar Conquest Map and I have over 100 veteran slots
    We are investigating this.

    9) No XP gained in multiplayer battles when all criteria to gain xp are met.
    This is due to an empty player slot in the lobby, close any empty player slots before starting the battle

    10) Back button in Multiplayer is greyed out
    This is due to the game crashing after you win a battle during the multiplayer avatar tutorial. If, and only if your avatar is brand new, you can work around this issue by deleting and recreating the avatar. Do NOT do this if your avatar has a lot of play time behind it.

    11) Game gets stuck on the splash screen
    Try :

    12) Stuck on Preparing to launch Shogun 2
    Go to the following directory:
    - C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\total war shogun 2\redist
    Here you will find these files:


    Install them in the above order, reboot, and play.

    13) The game crashes and I have a 32-bit Operating System
    Try this:

    14) The game crashes and acts like it has the 32 bit Operating System issue, but I have 64 bit
    Try this:

    15) My Line Infantry units won't follow move orders!
    Is Kneel Fire toggled on? Kneel Fire has a drawback where your units will not be able to move when it is toggled on.

    This thread will be updated with more common issues and their solutions as time goes by.

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    Quick solutions to common FotS problems :

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