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Thread: Fall of the samurai crashing when I save the game

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    Default Fall of the samurai crashing when I save the game

    Hi all,

    Well, it's pretty much all in the title. I'm trying the single player campaign of Fall of the Samurai at the moment, and many many MANY times when I'm trying to save the game, the game crashes. Is it a known bug with a known solution ?

    I must say that I find this very aggravating. Creative assembly appear not to bother much with debugging its games. I had Napoleon Total war, dropped the campaign because there was too many bugs, tried it again recently and it's still just as buggy as when it was released. And I was like : "are you joking ?!" I have many games on my computer and I can't find any game that even compare to that in terms of the amount of crashes. I wish I could do some multiplayer with my Total War games, but there is just too many bugs to even give it a try. I guess that I was just dumb to buy FotS. Thought, I think that i'll never be that dumb again.

    P.S : Yep, this post have both functions of seeking for technical help and formulating a complaint. This game costed a considerable amount of money and the lack of work from creative assembly is forcing me on looking for a fix when they should have been the ones taking care of the problem. So I think that both are legitimate.

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    Please post Dxdiag, as explained here!***
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