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Thread: how to get help from your allies

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    Most of the time, the only way which allies help is with trade (along with other trade partners) and if you want help on the battlefield, you better make sure that the battle is right next to an allied army or city, that way they have to help you out.

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    I have never experience that an ally will do the "Help war" thingy.

    Actually, I only use allies so that I can feel a little more safe against attack. Other than that, I only have them for trade.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elfwood View Post
    My allies never help me in the war,,.. well I don't expect them to help me... and some of my allies declare war on me ,
    only Carthage and Numidia stayed as allies,,but they also did not help me in the war. But I help them against Rome.. and I took over one of Carthage's cities that Scipii had control of,, and then gave it back to Carthage for free .. aren't I kind as allies ?
    i know....i do this sometimes as well. i don't think the ai appreciates the player's kindness. later, when i try to make a nice deal with them they get all prideful and refuse. makes me regret being nice and go back there and teach them a lesson.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hannibal Barca View Post
    The most you can expect from your allies is that they wont attack you for a while(which may be to much as they will betray you eventually in most instances) You may get help from them at sea, or if they are besieging a city/fighting a army nearbye, but if that has happened know that they had no intention of helping you.
    exactly. i have yet to see (in any TW game) the ai deliberately setting up their guys near your army to help you.
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    most of the time as the julii the brutii(AI)helped me in my campaign against greece the roman households are more active then other factions. course the senate sits on its comfy seats and watches me conguer i sware i should burn rome to the ground but thats just me if the barbarians and greeks dont give me a challenge maybe rome can.anyways how the brutii helped was by being very agressive with there legionary and hastii forces by bashing the greek main forces while i kept thermon under my controled kept them so busy i have controled thermon for atleast 300 years from the greeks and now i control corinth and sparta along with most of france and two territories in spain.
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