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Thread: "The March to the Sea"- War Economy Guide

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unhappy Samurai View Post
    Jozai has an awesome clan speciality that allows them to replenish in enemy territories (winter months excluded) so if you let them go on a rampage in early spring they can last a very long time in enemy territory
    Nice, I'll have to give them a try! So Omega's tactic only works with Jozai then?

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    When you declare for the republic, you lose any Shogun or Imperial agents, but do your Imperial or Shogunagte Guard infantry disappear or change into the Republic version?

    I have some Imperial Guard Line infantry that are almost maxed in experience and I'd hate to lose them. If that's the case, I will probably try for the republic in a different game.

    Found my answer elsewhere. You lose ANYTHING that's shogun or imperial related. That's any agents or imperial/shogunate infantry.
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