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Thread: dark and foggy campaign map?

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    Default dark and foggy campaign map?

    I'm not sure what's going on but there is a slight fogginess on the campaign map and in general it is kind of dark too. It's been like this since I first started playing it a couple weeks ago. I just become more annoyed with it the more I play.

    I see that there is a brightness and gamma option. If I decrease gamma it becomes less foggy but it also gets darker. After some experimentation I found that slightly decreasing gamma while slightly increasing brightness helped. But are there any other graphical settings that might help?

    I usually have it zoomed out so I guess that fogginess is the sky? Zooming forward close looks ok but I want to be zoomed out. In battles it is slightly dark too.

    It's not a huge issue but it is annoying to constantly see a slightly dark and hazy/smoky campaign map. Suggestions?

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    anyone? Here it is a year later and I cant freaking find a solution on google or on the forums. Its not my system (max settings with ease), not gamma/brightness, idk.

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    This might be helpful for those still playing S2 MP:

    Also check out this awesome channel:

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    Moved to the S2 Tech Support Forum.

    Screenshot is not a bad idea. Also include your dxdiag as instructed here:!***.

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