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Thread: Zulu mod breaks Total War (will not start)

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    Default Zulu mod breaks Total War (will not start)

    Hi all

    I have tried to install the Zulu mod on Nap TW and it has wrecked the install and will not start

    can anyone help me here?

    this is the guide I followed:


    1) user_script.txt & preferences.script.txt inside Application Data\The Creative Assembly\Napoleon\scripts

    2) Khartum.pack + boot.pack + myNaploc.pack + MOVIE1patch.pack + MOVIE1patch.pack inside the DATA folder

    3)mp_eur_napoleon folder inside the DATA\CAMPAIGNS Folder

    4)orient folder inside DATA\campaign_maps

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    Default same problem

    I have the same problem have you or any one managed to figure it out?
    I thought it may be conflicting with another mod but haven't had time to check it out properly yet

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