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Thread: Shogun 2 FOTS steam crashes about 45 minutes in game

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    Default Shogun 2 FOTS steam crashes about 45 minutes in game

    Hello, I've bought this game on steam which is the first one of the series I've bought, loving it and really want to play it bad. But unfortunately everytime I'm ingame(I normally do custom battles) about 45 minutes in game it suddenly crashes to desktop with the "Shogun 2 has stopped working" message. I'm not too sure if this is something to do with running it in DX11 or DX9, I can remember being able to play the game for a good long time, almost one a siege battle until it crashed with a memory reference error.

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    Moved to Support Forum.

    Please post your Dxdiag, as explained here!***. You might also like to follow some of the other advice there relating to basic remedial steps.
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