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    Hey so this is my 2nd post i just wanna ask how you get more than 10000 or 20000 man in a battle like this guy:

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    Outside of Hollywood,

    Numbers of unit members can be altered in titles where the global preferences are available for access by changing the unit multiplier line to something greater than '1'.

    For a case like M2, you have to actually increase the size of each individual unit to its maximum number size and then change the multiplier setting to 'huge'. Even here there are hard-coding limits that would require a pretty good coder to overcome, so exceeding say, 10k for two armies, or 20k for four armies would be requiring a coder. Hardcoded limits for M2 is 60, for Kingdoms its 100.
    Note it would also be requiring some pretty good hardware unless you don't mind the 'chop'.
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