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Thread: AI Multicore CPU in Rome2

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    Default AI Multicore CPU in Rome2

    Hi, im new to these forums(but not to total war) so i don't know if there is a discussion about this already. When i play shogun 2 on my 6 core amd 1100t @ 3.3Ghz I notice that the AI only uses 1 core in battles and the rest do other game related processing but at ~10% load. So I decided to overclock to 4ghz to get less laggy battles. Anyway all I want to do is to get CAs attention to this so rome2s AI will support at least 4cores. Keep in mind the my unit size is modded to twice the size of ultra unit size. I know 1 core @ 3.3ghz is enough to run the vanilla size battles so i hope its not to much to ask.

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    Welcome to the forums!

    A search on this and related topics may turn up a plethora of discussions and statistical examinations on various hardware.

    It is unfortunately, a very well-known issue with the to-date iterations of the engine that it does not multicore or multi thread well. It is also unfortuantely well known that AMD CPUs fare worse in multi-core distribution and function less efficiently per cycle, so you are getting a double whammy.

    Some of this is due to the way in which the engine and type of programming is engineered, but a large amount may also simply have to do with the type of software behavior being programmed, and the inherent limts to the current state of multi-core and multi-thread capability.

    While there have been advances in both of these areas, it is unknown to what degree this may show itself in the next title.
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    AI Multicore CPU in Rome2 .I have intel i7 and yes i think they will be supporting multi core as all games play catch up with the latest tec in jan this year according to steam only 17 percent of computers use multi core.And when a game is made it as to aim for the most people it can.But now over 57 percent own dual core or multi core as price as lowered so yes more support for multi core is certain but that just my opinion

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