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But the point of it being options is that it's optional, e.g have permanent bodies with low settings
See that's the misconception here causing this opinion. The options wouldn't matter with higher end machines, the game cycles out objects like debris, arrows, particles, dead bodies when it reaches a limit in VRAM. Whether this is artificial is up for debate. but nonetheless, the options are there already. I have done the testing myself, on Low settings the bodies stay just fine for me on my system, and for many of my friends. Its dependent on what the game can use in terms of your memory.

These sorts of options are already integrated. If you want to have things stay, just edit the file which controls how much it degrades settings when it runs out of VRAM. or fool it into thinking you have more than you do, and pay the price for it. The file is in your appdata for the game if I remember correctly.