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Thread: What feature are you most excited to learn about?

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    Default What feature are you most excited to learn about?

    Could be a feature they have already showcased and you want to know more about or something that is so far undisclosed (I know plenty of people are hungry for multiplayer information.)

    For me : I can't wait to find out more about traits and clan/family dynamics. I am more an RPG person than strategy games, though Total War is my favorite series, so these RPG elements that add a touch of character to you ruler and generals and the story that unfolds organically around a playthrough are wonderful parts to the game.

    I am actually excited about one turn per year because in Shogun 2 I tended to get too attached to certain characters and would rarely not reload the game if one died, but since this game covers a more expansive time period it will be more about the family and their dynasty than individuals, so I won't mind as much if disasters happen, which in turn will make for a more interesting "story."

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    I love the Army traditions. That is going to be Great!

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    I'm more interested in the factions and the setting than any specific new features, but I've been nothing but impressed with the features that we've seen so far.
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    The King/Nobles, Great families power balance.
    Army Traditions
    Phalanx formations
    Land/sea battles

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    MULTI-player and killing your own general i heard...ohh, and CHAMPIONS!

    edit: and ROME ٢
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    Political relations, trade economy, and faction rosters/availability. I really want more unique AOR units than CA seems to be doing as I want to use auxillaries and local units in my armies with more personality than the mercenaries shown so far. Political relations between allies, clients, and trading partners sounds to be more interesting than any TW so far if still less than what I'd like to see. Trade seems to be an afterthought but still if finally doing away with trade nodes something too look forward to.

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    Naval battles. Really hoping the AI can handle them somewhat well and I can get some twenty on twenty engagements. Honestly I've done the armies over and over again, and I rarely zoom in to my units. So a lot of the eye candy CA is adding is sort of wasted on me. Naval battles are still sort of new for me, only being in since Empire, and I'm looking forward to slicing some enemies in two.
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    diplomacy and how does the senate works with the families
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    Learn all units and known what strong/weak of all 12 major and rest of minor factions, is key to victory over them!

    Like to hire CHEAPER of mercenaries to Carthage, 40 % and can more 10 % of buildings...until 50 % + general bonus? Wait and see
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