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    Quote Originally Posted by Borek View Post
    yea! I would like to see this also! I am never do something like alt+F4 it is childish behaviour
    But unfortunately people with eye on stats ect. use this every time they are defeated. As higher they ranked as more often they use, thats my expirience. Of course there are lots of honourable top 100 Players out there, giving me the chance to learn from defeat and celebrating a good game and of course a victory, if my avatar has the luck of battle on his side.

    To get in communication with your opponent, is a good way to avoid that he presses the quit button. Most of the people, who dont want to write a word tend to quit if they are high ranked.

    a the game works well if u see players and rooms in chatwindow. If its empty it helps to reload game. But on high traffic times, i used to play the singleplayer campaign.
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