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Thread: Low Resolution Texture when running on Extreme

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    Default Low Resolution Texture when running on Extreme

    Hello everyone,

    As this issue is growing on it, seems most of the cases fall under this category and so should try the following solutions:
    • If you are experiencing low resolution textures when running on extreme, its most likely that you don’t have enough video memory.

      You can force an override by ticking the unlimited video memory tick box in the advanced graphics settings however this may impact performance.

    • Another thing, the vegetation alpha is an option that should be set to off for all but the most powerful rigs.

    If you still have this issue, please update your post stating you have tried these solutions and that it hasn't worked. If it did work could you please update your post to state that instead?

    When editing your post to confirm your issue is ongoing, please add your DxDiag as explained here and add your preferences.script.txt.

    To get your preferences.script.txt:
    • Go to Start->Search and type run
    • New window will pop up and type in: appdata
    • this will open the appdata folder
    • Go to folder: Roaming
    • Go to folder: The Creative Assembly
    • Go to folder: Rome2
    • Go to folder: scripts
    • open preferences.script.txt
    • post the content

    DISCLAIMER: if you want to test any changes in this file, please make a copy of it before changing anything as The Creative Assembly cannot be held responsible for any issues caused if you modify game files.

    NB: As you might be limited in space do not hesitate to double or triple post to add everything. You can also use the tags to make it easier to read.

    Thank you all for your help and understanding. We are committed to help you enjoy the game.


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