Hi everyone,

So Patch 2 BETA is finally here. Please bear in mind that it is only the beta version of the patch and that some issues might be experienced. This is why we would like to have your feedback on this patch in a more organised way.

You can find the patch notes here.

In order to opt in the BETA please follow the installation procedure:

In your steam game library, right click Total War: Rome II. Then choose Properties and select the BETAS tab. Finally select “patch2beta” from drop down list.

Therefore, as I did for patch 1.5 BETA, I would like to have three separate threads only speaking of this beta test:

- One to discuss about the patch itself while it's in the beta process
- One regarding new issues you have, or issues that are supposed to be fixed (as seen in the patch notes here)
- One where you can confirm that the issues listed in the patch notes have been fully resolved for you

Please respect each thread in order for us to better understand the issues you are having with the patch in his beta state.

Thank you for your understanding and for your time.