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Thread: Is the 40 unit limit cap lies or just broken?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kross View Post
    The artillery bug is not a part of the 40 units per battles feature, it's a different bug entirely. Like I said. Why do you need to be told the same thing twice?
    lol do i need to be told twice make me laugh hard artilery ships are part of ur army so if they dont spawn in battle then there is an army bug not that hard to grasp its a feature arty is a feature is not working well so the feature does not work lol

    cant stop lauging when u design a game and have to deal with it then maybe i listen to you try and tell people its not a broken feature

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    Mudpit fight guys, please! It'd be so fun to watch!
    Hey why are you both running at me? aaaaaerrgh....

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    This is a tempest in a teapot, but I agree that the OP sounded like an accusation and not a call for help. Anyhow I am glad that the issue is resolved, the problem is solved by the patch 3.0 and everyone involved can now go play the game. I had not spotted that issue myself, since I always resolve naval battles (that is I avoid them unless I have an overwhelming advantage).

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    I had just had fight 5,600 vs 6,500. too bad the game was in slide show mode most of the time. Its working but the game is unplayable .
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