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Total War: ROME II - Support Forum

[A community run and moderated board] Post technical support enquiries here - PLEASE check out the stickies at the top of the forum before posting, thanks!
  • Single Player Campaign Issues

    Please post any issues with AI, mechanics or single-player crashes
  • Total War: ROME II - Patch testing

    Please post feedback related to testing the next patch to be. (In steam game library> right click Total War: Rome II > choose Properties > select BETAS tab > Select patch 1 beta from drop down list)
  • Single Player Battle Issues

    Please state in the title what kind of battle this was. Was it a battle through the campaign or a standard battle? Land, Naval or Siege?
  • Compatibility Issues

    Please detail any compatibility problems you're having. Include DXDiags where possble.
  • Graphics Issues

    Please post any graphics related issues here.
  • Installation Issues

    Please post here if you have any problems installing Rome II.
  • Audio Issues

    Please post any audio issues here.
  • Multiplayer Campaign

    Please post any issues you've found with the co-op or head-to-head campaigns.
  • Multiplayer Battles in Campaign

    Please post up any issues found when fighting battles in a multiplayer campaign.
  • Multiplayer Battles

    Please post up any issues with multiplayer battles, multiplayer balance, chat or crashes.
  • Mac Support

    Please post any Mac issues here.