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Rome 2 Mod Manager and Load Order

noobprophetnoobprophet MemberPosts: 44Registered Users
edited October 2013 in Total War: ROME II
I dont know about you guys but managing mods is really tough when i cant set what gets priority, some of the simple mods that have small minor conflicts with colour will totally disable the other one, hoping mod manager is improved upon.
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  • LongshotLongshot Senior Member Posts: 103Registered Users
    edited October 2013
    yeah i was wondering my self about this, i would just rename the mod some that begins with the letter A, as i think it is done alphabetically, which is stupid as you want to be able to prioritize the load of mods
  • SpartiateSpartiate Banned Posts: 386Banned Users
    edited October 2013
    Does it really work that way?

    How lame, leave us alone from this ridiculous mod manager and let us have our own ( Mitch mod manager from TWCenter )
  • GenghisbGenghisb Junior Member Posts: 15Registered Users
    edited October 2013
    *Reverse alphabetically* I can't believe they left load priority out of their mod manager...
  • daniudaniu Senior Member Posts: 2,081Registered Users
    edited October 2013
    Mostly, priority doesn't make sense for mods. If they are partially compatible so the load order does matter, it'll be luck if one works and the other doesn't. It's really up to modders to minimize their mods before release so as to prevent possible conflicts, but even that only goes so far.
    It's also somewhat unfortunate that many modders are used to releasing large bundles instead of splitting them up; then again, many things only make sense in combination.

    It's a somewhat complicated issue actually, and "how could they not put it in" really doesn't do it justice.
  • heinous_hatheinous_hat Junior Member Posts: 18Registered Users
    edited October 2013
    I'd really like to see verbose, logged output during database construction.

    I'm sure a lot of people's perceptions about how that actually works are somewhat flawed (including mine). In any case , it would certainly be the most enlightening feature they could provide for the management side of modding.

    How about it? :)
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