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Where to Find CA/Mods on the Forums

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Heya guys,
In light of recent posts about people asking to see more visibility from those from Creative Assembly, we have implemented a new "CA" logo (this is still a work in progress while we are ironing out the kinks). As many of you may have already seen, this logo will pop up in any thread when someone from Creative Assembly has responded to it. We are still looking into other options that may be added in the future.

In addition, I have compiled a list of CA users both on the non-technical and technical parts of the forum. I have also included moderators too. Clicking the link provided will take you to the respective profiles. You can then check the latest posts by clicking, "Find Latest Posts".

Please note that this is to help show you our visibility and not as potential targets. Forum guidelines do apply at all times. Another thing to consider is that we are humans after all. We do have things such as sick leave, holiday, and also other social mediums to attend to. But this list will help show users who are active on the forums should you ever need to get into contact, if you are curious where we are posting, etcetera.

Without further ado, here comes the list:

These users will mostly/only post and read any non-support parts of the forum:

The Community team:

- CraigTW
- Joey CA
- Nico CA (French Coordinator)
- Matty CA (German Coordinator)
- Dogbert CA
- Charlotte CA

The Moderators:
- AlJabberwock
- Billy Ruffian
- Corpius
- Dge1
- Hidden Gunman
- lordmaximus77
- Sasu
- mmurray821

These users will post and read any feedback and support parts of our forums:

Live Feedback team:

- Matthias CA
- Lexi_CA
- Guy_CA

Other CA Staff that you might see posting on the forums:
- CraigK CA
- Griffinator
- Jon CA
- AtomicInteger CA
- Petr CA
- Kyle CA
- Leif CA
- CA_Steve
- CA Dave
- Pete CA
- Robert CA
- TimM CA
- Sam CA

Technical moderators:
- Billy Ruffian
- Hardwaremaster
- AlJabberwock
- doingwork34
- lordmaximus77

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