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I've had enough

tywinLannistertywinLannister Senior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 205
edited November 2013 in The Graveyard
This is to you Daelin4.

For the past few weeks you've had the ****s with me (before you banned me for a month- I'll get to that later) and stalked my posts like a hawk, waiting for even the slightest key word that can excuse a ban on me.
But I guess I have to say sorry.
-Sorry that you haven't done a lot with your life
-Sorry that being a moderator is as close as you'll ever top a majority of people
-Sorry that calling you an idiot on one of my posts made you butthurt
I know you don't like me, and that's okay, that's fine because at the end of the day I know that you're an insecure teenager that CA hired to moderate their forums. I guess getting paid as much as a paddy-flipper compared to a construction worker gets you all the mountain dew you can while you waste your time on here.
I guess I'm wasting my time on here as well and maybe it's hypocritical to say that seeing as I'm taking the time to respond to you, though, I only just remembered that my ban was lifted and didn't read through the forums every day like you do to have some kind of power-trip like cops do.
Now to the banning, I'll admit I've been banned for insulting people-which I did do- and like I said before, calling you an idiot was a BIG no no to your eyes.
The month ban? Nah uh, now that was a load of ****- and you know it.
All I said was: "Okay you completely misunderstand what squalor is.
For one, huge military barracks removes room for people to live in. When you have less population but more buildings, who is going to live in the largely unoccupied buildings. In a city of, lets say, 30,000, and Rome was built to the extent that it required 50,000 people.

Well those buildings will quickly become dirty, slum-y and quite possibly cause disease.

Maybe learn it instead of being lazy, yeah?"

Now do the people who view this see how this is insulting? I don't, because the guy I sent this to was lazy to learn the squalor before posting on an already absurd thread (I've posted an ignorant thread as well but quickly learnt after playing the game of how it works+ people knocked some information to help me understand, squalor which is what I did), so I told him to stop being lazy. Some may see it as insulting (if you are oversensitive), some may not, but it's not like I said; "stop being a ******g ***got you noob go play COD" or some **** like that, I was merely telling him to stop being lazy.
The rest of it is pretty much me giving an explanation, in no way was that insulting.
I'll post the screen cap of the little notification from daelin4 after my ban was lifted.
Attachment not found.

Now do I care so much that I'm butthurt myself? Probably, but in the sense that it's important to me? Absolutely not, but this admin in particular needs to be known as a plain moron and I warn anyone who views this to know that CA has the most immature moderators I have ever seen. Don't give into the pathetic morons- especially daelin4.- who only use his "admin powers" to have some sort of leverage or excuse to feel better than everybody else.

But the chances of people seeing this is so nil because daelin4 is like KGB or Gestapo hunting down post he doesn't like.
He'll ban me for life to, not that I care, but I hope he does just to further my point

Now daelin4; I hope you do respond, and if you do, don't try to use an excuse to counter my post like the fact that I did insult people, but you know that I stopped insulting people like I did, you know that you targeted me, you know that you wanted me banned ever since that GTA post.
Best of luck to you and your mountain dew supply.

And best of luck to all of you guys and enjoy Rome 2: Total War as I think it is getting better! Gore pack is worth it IMO!

note: excuse spelling errors
I don't want to debate about this (with the exception of daelin4)
any kind of feedback is appreciated (admin-****riders, insults, agreements-
That's pretty much it.


  • Ace_BlazerAce_Blazer Senior Member Toronto, CanadaRegistered Users Posts: 5,918
    edited November 2013
    OK then.
    10. All actions taken by moderators are final and are not an invitation to begin a debate. If a thread is closed, moved or deleted it was because it violated one of the forum rules.

    If you feel there was something wrong with a moderation decision, please PM the mod in question or someone on the mod staff, or a member of the CA team.

    I've taken a look at your posting history which has resulted in infractions from 3 different moderators. If you keep insulting other people by calling them "12 year olds" and generally being rude, you're going to get infractions.

    This post itself is rude and goes against the ToS so I am docking you a point. As it is you've accumulated 7 points which results in an automatic 3 month ban. The next point after is a permanent ban. I suggest you refer to the ToS to try to limit future infractions.
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