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To all the Rome 2 Apologists out there,



  • PatsFan2003PatsFan2003 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,919
    edited November 2013
    or 'protecting' a city, by sticking 3 units in the central plaza and waiting..

    The sad thing is that that's only happened to me once. Most of the times, the enemy armies just roll right down the street into my square.

    What am I doing wrong?
  • CryptomancerCryptomancer Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 100
    edited November 2013

    Seriously this game is just rubbish [...] 10 weeks after release date is still rubbish [...] I know your all going to say I'm a troll, blah blah blah [...] Blobs, ****** blobs seriously what the **** is wrong with the game developers. We didn't have blob moshpits 10 years back now did we???????? Post patch 5 I have had so many god **** crashes playing legendary its doing my head in! :mad:

    "Biggus Diccus" : yea, for sure, a Big P ... as in provocateur, with his flame-bait explicitly dangled "To all the Rome 2 Apologists out there".

    In what concerns those parts of the OP where there might be valid criticism, it's just recycled negative stuff that we already have read in many other threads.

    So vulgarly obvious : the real aim of the OP is not recycling.
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