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Second thread closed - ca are censoring us.

mechagranmechagran BannedPosts: 136Banned Users
edited December 2013 in The Graveyard
Someone else spotted it too - first thread closed.

Second thread about censorship closed.


"trolling and petitioning" is against the T&C they say.

Firstly, it wasn't trolling - it was a suggestion to stop you guys F-ing up the franchise. Good luck with that

Secondly, I wholeheartedly believe that the only way you guys will listen to US, is to hit you where it hurts - your profits.

So good work proving me right. It seems there was a lot of agreement to my suggestion, but rather than have an openhanded debate, it got censored and the next thread got closed.

I have been a long time supporter but that decision is the last in a long line of about 100 bad decisions you guys have made in the last.....3/4 months? Probably longer.

No more support from me (or supportive constructive threads).

No more money either.


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