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CA Secretly removing game files from DB? Need some Confirmation

SakanadeSakanade MemberRegistered Users Posts: 62
So I have been digging into the DB files for some time now.

Among things I noticed were scrips, traits and ancillaries that were just never implemented into the game.

One of the more notorious ones I found was the FOTS Geisha ancillary "con.dom".

Local_eng.pack file scripting line:

"ancillaries_colour_text_s2anc_sp_bosh_item_con.dom" -- "Foreign contrivances to enjoyment have their uses."

It had stats, an ancillary portrait and was scripted into the .lua files.

Now during the process of adding these things back into the game, I noticed after the latest "patch" that the ancillary portrait for said "con.dom" has been removed from the database, and I am absolutely certain It used to be in there, as that is how I discovered the ancillary was in the game in the first place.

Anybody know more about this? CA removing stuff from the game files?
The only reason for them to do this that I can think of is that it would cause controversy, as Geisha's are not prostitutes?
I mean, the complete script is in the .lua file, and it looks like they broke the script on purpose at the last minute (thus breaking the event of it appearing ingame).

If anyone is willing to go check their DB files, it's in the DB --> UI --> Portraits --> Ancillaries.

And just upload or send me the .tga file (portrait image), as I would like to add it back into the game, as currently the icon it uses is a katana because of the portrait removal.
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