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Files seem to be corrupted or missing

KillerPandaKillerPanda Junior MemberPosts: 3Registered Users
It seems that me and my friend are experiencing problems with files being corrupted or lost upon exit on game and when it crashes. I validated the files twice via steam validation and it had to replace 5-7 files both times. I love the game but the bugs are quite annoying, and it really does have great potential. Heck my friend and I had alot of fun in this game but he stopped playing it because of one particular bug, it seems that when ever a general died his game would freeze up. ALSO one last thing that people are probably aware about, the dishonourable coward trait. It does not seem to want to go away even after finishing many battles all the way through, on top of that it shouldn't even count as a leave if the game loses connection (has been happening quite frequently). Anyways game is great, hope next patch fixes most of the problems.
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