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Armstrong guns won't move or fire

petyapetya Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 1
Okay, this is seriously killing me. I am playing the historical battles at FoS, hardest difficulty. Artillery is everything in this campaign, so I really can't ignore the fact that my armstrong guns sometimes choose not to fire, then they just won't move. I already unlumbered them (which is beyond ridiculous that I have click on it every time I want to move my artillery anywhere, then again, when I want them to fire, why can't they just do it automatically???) But anyways, they sometime just won't do anything.
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  • cephalocephalo Member Registered Users Posts: 60
    edited January 2014
    They don't do anything when their line of sight is broken. If you see their action icon that tells of 'firing' , 'running' etc. you can see the icon flash to one that the tooltip says is 'no line of sight'. You have to direct them manually in that case. Also, if one of your horses is killed I don't think you can move the guns anymore.
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