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Refunds for people with continued problems.....

sdoug38sdoug38 Junior MemberPosts: 2Registered Users
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What is the correct channel for people who are request refunds for this faulty product, is there someone dedicated to process this or do we just charge back to the credit card? Could someone please advise? Cheers
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  • ranknfileranknfile Senior Member Posts: 7,362Registered Users
    edited December 2013
    "The check is in the mail" - R U Sirius
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  • TimRiceSETimRiceSE Senior Member Posts: 303Registered Users
    edited December 2013
    speak to the retailer you bought the game from.
  • bggeneralbggeneral Senior Member Posts: 201Registered Users
    edited December 2013
    I have not been in the forum for several months, and I am surprised, to see that there is no improvement ( according the majority of the forum members) in the game performance and debugging.
    I am also interested to see, that not only veterans rejected this title as the worst in TW history, but also many new comers are asking for there money back.
    It is time CA to realize, that no action can safe there wrongly planned and designed game, and to put resources to develop something valuable, as they did before.... or the creativity and innovations are already over the CA ability?
  • JermJerm Senior Member Posts: 168Registered Users
    edited December 2013
    there should be a period of refund whereby you could have taken it back.

    However, I doubt a long time after purchasing your game (I'm assuming as you said continued problems), you wouldn't be able to refund anymore.
  • alQamaralQamar Banned Posts: 1,904Banned Users
    edited December 2013
    this depends likely on your country and based regulations and law.

    Aslong we are speaking about european (EU) citizens you have the right to return the game to your retailer and request a refund if the last 8 patches have not addressed your issues and you cannot solve them with the technical support.
    Generally you have a time of at least 1 year or some countries 2 years to do that. I recommend not to wait longer than 6 months.

    Also Steam is refunding games which are not working as intended and the support actions do not help, if the game is not meeting the advertising etc etc. They may decline that in the first place but at the end they have to act on the same law that is valid for the european customers and are in charge to refund the game.
    Even though some people say Steam will not refund games generally, this is gossip. They do, but they won't make a big thing out of it or try to negate your claims in the first level support. You might need to be persistant and point out your customer laws that are beyond the ToS Steam has. Some of the ToS from Steam are currently questionated at court by a german customer organisation.

    The european sites of amazon for example, will grant a refund without any trouble in a time within 6 weeks after purchase.
    However they are very friendly to customers and a direct call to them helps a lot.
  • jmattbaconjmattbacon Senior Member Posts: 103Registered Users
    edited December 2013
    Jesus f*cking christ this forum is filled with whiners.

    You will not get a refund.

    What even are your "issues" anyway? Too stupid to read the recommended specs? Struggling with a warped sense of self-entitlement that CA should tailor the game to be fun just for you?

    You bought a product. You don't enjoy it. Deal with it and accept the fact you're living in a capitalist society.
  • Will CAWill CA No longer working for CA Posts: 1,342Registered Users
    edited December 2013
    All questions about point of purchase need to be taken up with your retailer.

    Thread closed.

    -Will CA
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