Patch 8.1 Beta Live Now

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Hey guys,

The beta version of patch 8.1 is available now to try out. This patch aims to fix some of the key issues in siege battles, and rebalances the campaign AI to play more aggressively and focus more heavily on tactics. Of course, we’ll continue to patch well into next year, but for now, we hope you enjoy the improvements.

Click here for patch notes.

In order to get patch 8.1, go to your Steam library, right click Total War: ROME II Then click Properties. Click the BETAS tab and select ‘patch8.1beta’ from the drop down list

You disable any mods you have installed as they may cause unforseen issues.
You may need to re-start steam to see it.
You are able to remove the beta at any time if you wish to.

[Will CA]:

As of 6/01 patch 8.1 beta has been updated, head over to the 8.1 wiki page for more infomation.
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