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ROME 3: Total Bankruptcy

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Hi guys, here at SEGA and CA we have been planning a total surprise for you guys. We know Rome 2 was a disaster (unplayable due to hardware limitations with memory leaks and bottlenecks in many cases) and we want to apologize, and we figured the only way to do it would be to make an entire new ROME TOTAL WAR game to make it up. Here is the exclusive sneak preview for our forum members.

To start out, I want to let you guys know we hired a brand new project manager from outside the company that is totally going to make this game great because she totally knows what the franchise is all about and will help us meet the deadline that SEGA set for us. Welcome to the team random corporate *****!

We have decided to streamline many aspects of ROME 2 that you guys commented that we might be able to fix. unit cards for example have been taken away because you guys thought the artwork all looked the same. In their place we have utilized a Braille system so our game is accessible to the large blind community that we have overlooked in past ROME games, and this way you can easily distinguish between pikes (6 dots), melee cav (5 dots), heavy inf (4 dots), missile skirmishing units (3 dots), fixed artillery (2 dots), and general (1 dot). The auto resolve system will also use these dots to determine the outcome of battles (by adding).

Another thing we found was that you guys didn't like the $60 fee for ROME 2 total war. We understand that not every user likes paying a high price, so we decided to make EVERYTHING a DLC. This will help out a lot, for example, if you never play historical battles just do not buy the DLC and they won't be there. Some things that you can pay for in the DLC will be:

Unlocking factions in campaign map that are already in game files- $3 per faction
Unlocking different types of battlefields and cities- $1 for every map
Unlocking historical battles that are already in game files- $2 per battle
Unlocking "bloody battles" that are a copy paste of the code from Shogun- $5
Unlocking Different parts of the campaign map- $5 per zone, 10 zones
Unlocking multiplayer lobby (during school hours in EST)- $10
Unlocking multiplayer lobby (all other times)- $20
Unlocking ranked games lobby- $5
Unlocking unit customization and avatar/clan conquest in multiplayer- $5

Unlocking Siege Battles- $5
Unlocking Naval Battles- $5
Unlocking Land Battles- $5
Unlocking Coastal Battles- $5
Unlocking Ambush Battles- $5
Unlocking Night Battles- $5

You will be able to pre-order these DLC so you can anticipate downloading them (if they are not already in game files).

The most exciting DLC we will be adding is a dedicated server for hosting games with anti cheating software. This will be available starting sometime in July of 2036 and sadly will not be compatible with the Russian language version of Rome 3: Total Bankruptcy.

We are also updating the AI extensively in ROME 3: Total Bankruptcy. We have managed to copy-paste some **** out of DARTHMOD and we will be making it available FREE OF CHARGE to every Rome 3 buyer. Now the AI will behave semi logically and not do suicidal things like charge their general into your pikes and display a general lack of understanding.

Lastly we wanted to make game play on the campaign map more exciting and less buggy. To do this we have made the campaign linear (you can only attack 1 other city from each city you control). Additionally you will only be able to have one army at a time and it will be led by a general named Legatus.

Us at CA and SEGA are looking forward to ROME 3 and Q4, just wait for the screenshots, videos, and sneak previews on IGN. This is going to be a great experience for us, you guys, and our investors.
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