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Frequently Asked Questions & Game Fixes



  • daelin4#9896daelin4#9896 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 16,521
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    Question #46: When playing hotseat in Kingdoms I can't defend against the AI in battles. Is there any way to fix this?

    Answer #46:

    Open up your medieval2.preference.cfg file and use the 1.2 hotseat syntax.
    turns = 0
    scroll = 0
    autoresolve_battles = 0
    disable_console = 0
    disable_papal_elections = 1
    save_prefs = 1
    update_ai_camera = 1
    validate_diplomacy = 1

    Update_ai_camera, needs to be one I believe for it to correctly show the AI moves, and you need to disable papal_elections. These were the only changes I made to the 1.2 syntax that I was using.

    Now start Kingdoms through the desktop launcher and start a hotseat campaign. Lo and behold I was able to defend against the AI. image

    The cfg file gets written over so at the moment you have to do this for each hotseat campaign or you could try setting your file to read only if you never change your settings.

    I hope that helps some of you.

    P.S. Vista users may have to disable User Account Control to get this solution to work. Thanks to jerhat for this info.

    jerhat wrote:
    The last question in the FAQ is about enabling hotseat defend. Despite exactly what it said, I was unable to get it to work. However, after much trial and error, here is the solution that should work for those of you having difficulty enabling hotseat defend with Vista. Turn off User Account Control. Follow the instructions in question #47 of the FAQ. Play your game with User Account the Control turned off. If you turn UAC back on, it won't work. It's kind of a pain in the butt, but it seems to work pretty well. If someone has a way to make it work without having to constantly reset UAC, please post. I hope this helps.

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  • daelin4#9896daelin4#9896 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 16,521
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    Question #47: How do I edit the descr_strat and other game files on Windows Vista (concerning questions 2,6,7...)?

    Answer #47: There are two ways to solve this:
    1. Move the file to the desktop, edit it, and move it back to the folder where it was.
    (For safety reasons, create a backup copy of the original file first.)
    2. Right click the file, go to security, and click "EDIT" to edit the permissions, and enable them all.
    (Solution provided by courtesy of ElusiveHonor)

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  • daelin4#9896daelin4#9896 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 16,521
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    Question #48: What patches and in what order do I need to install to the retail, vanilla version of Medieval II: Total War?

    Answer #48: Steam versions of MTW2 do not require installation of patches, as Steam is designed to do this automatically. This information is for those players that do not own a Steam copy.

    -First, install Patch 1.2 (Patch 1.1 is included in this patch and thus irrelevant) after a fresh install of the game. If you've installed the unofficial 1.2 patch or patch 1.1, you may encounter problems; the best method is to install 1.2 over a freshly re-installed game.
    *NOTE: This patch is 650MB in size, and may take a while to download and install.
    - Patch 1.3 primarily deals with compatibility between vanilla MTW2 and the Kingdoms expansion.
    *NOTE: This is also a large-sized file AND you need patch 1.2 installed before you can install 1.3

    *Additional Notes: If you own the Kingdoms expansion, patch 1.2 and 1.3 are automatically installed during the installation process.
    Special thanks to Sasu for providing information!
    A link to TWCenter's article on the MTW2 patches as well as the links for them:

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  • daelin4#9896daelin4#9896 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 16,521
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    Question #49:How do I form the Union of Kalmar in the Kingdoms' Teutonic campaign?

    Answer #49: The following are the requisites for forming the Kalmar Union:
    -Playing as Denmark;
    -Capturing the following settlements: Kalmar, Gotenburg, Visby, Uppsala and Abo. Kalmar, Gotenburg and Uppsala are towns and located in the east parts of southern and northern Sweden, Visby is a Minor City on the island region of Gotland off the coast of Kalmar to the east, and Abo is a Large City found in Finland, above the Danish settlements of Reval and Narva, and also an island;
    -After the settlements are captured, you must kill or assassinate the Norwegian King after an event scroll occurs notifying you of your progress.*
    -Once the Norwegian King has died, an event scroll shall herald the Kalmar transition: your faction banner becomes fellow with a Red Nordic Cross, and three units are unlocked: Sami Axemen, Gotland Footmen, and Svenner. Their information can be found here. They are under the unit roster for Denmark.

    *You must not eliminate Norway as a faction or the process will not complete! This includes destroying the faction through killing their king.

    Additional Info: Patch 1.05 must be installed in order for this to work properly; the process is otherwise bugged.

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  • daelin4#9896daelin4#9896 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 16,521
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    Question #50: How do I get the various Apachean units while playing the Americas campaign?

    Answer #50: In the Kingdoms: Americas campaign, the Apachean faction has a few scripts that allow them to build new structures and, henceforth, train new units. Previous versions had the code erroneously organized, as well as some vague information when looking into the files. Although the lines are fixed, many users wish to know what these conditions are. This thread over at TWCenter offers some information in the matter.

    It is also worth noting that even after these conditions are met, there may be a slight time delay for when the triggers activate. The thread's author has also made a mod that skips this so the game triggers them immediately.

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  • daelin4#9896daelin4#9896 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 16,521
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    Question #51: What is Night Attack and how can you perform perform them?

    Answer #51: Night Attack is an ability where an army can engage an enemy under cover of darkness. You cannot choose to defend at night, since the army is attacking you at that moment.

    First, some basic points about night fighting: armies cannot attack without a general that lacks the trait, and as such by extension, it is not possible to lead an army without any generals. The effects of night fighting lay in morale: an additional penalty to morale is incurred to the defending army, if lead either by a general that lacks the trait, or the army is without a general.

    Second, the night fighter trait, like all traits, are dependent on multiple circumstances to trigger, and as such there are a few ways for your generals to get them.
    Generals with five command stars or more automatically gain the night fighter trait; the files give a 100% chance to achieving this trait as a direct result of your general having 5 or more command stars.
    There is also another 100% chance to achieve the night fighter trait- if your general was attacked but managed to win a night attack himself.
    Generals that are spawned through adoption, heroism, marriage, or coming of age, all carry a 10% chance of gaining the night fighter trait. Despite the percentage these occurrences are very rare, a part of the calculation also includes whether the prospective general is first spawned with five or more stars.
    There are also additional traits that boost (or negate) bonus command when fighting in night battles. These are known respectively as the Noctophilia and Noctophobia trait lines. Noctophobia, besides losing command when fighting at night, also leaves the general more vulnerable to assassination attempts.

    Third: reinforcement of armies for either side is also affected by night attacks. This is one of the most powerful and useful features: using a general with Night Fighter, you can engage armies that are adjacent to each other, and those armies that do not have generals carrying the Night Fighter trait cannot join as reinforcements. Thus, a scenario that in daytime would mean impossible odds, can translate into possible string of victories at night, as you can engage the enemy in piecemeal fashion rather than all at once.
    The only time the enemy may reinforce at night is only when they happen to have a general that also has Night Fighter leading that army.
    With that in mind, in the event you need reinforcements for a night battle, you may have another general that also has the trait leading another army.

    b: Can secondary generals also take part?

    Answer: Yes, because they do not act as commanders, they are not affected by the reinforcement feature. However, in the event that you have the odd occasion where an army is lead by a faction leader that does NOT have the Night Fighter trait, then it is not possible, even if you had multiple generals in that army that do. This is the only time an inferior general will lead an army overruling better generals.

    c: How come there are generals with less than five stars with the trait?

    As said, it is possible for generals that come of age, adopted, married or promoted via heroism as captains to already spawn with the trait. All generals that achieve 5 command stars are automatically awarded the Night Fighter trait as a bonus: this allows all your generals that do not already start with the Night Fighter trait to gain the stars to get it later onward.

    Here is a thread that shows a picture of the Night Fighter trait in effect: http://forums.totalwar.com/showthread.php/3090-Tips-night-time-attacks

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