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Difficulty explanation?

DarthibrahimDarthibrahim Junior MemberPosts: 7Registered Users
edited March 2011 in Total War: Shogun 2

Can someone please explain the difficulty in detail?
So far I've played on hard, went far but not too far! Full AI stacks everywhere!
Then I tried normal mode which was so easy, conquered half of Japan with the Shimzau clan.

I googled and found this:

Easy AI Difficulty Level Explained

The Campaign AI is slightly limited and will not target you as a primary in any great detail.In Shogun 2: Total War, a good place to start if you have no clue about TW games as the player gains a reasonable bonus to most aspects. The Battle AI is fairly restricted with the player receiving a morale boost.

Normal AI Difficulty Level Explained

With this setting, the Campaign AI is on full mode but still does not act overly aggressive towards you. The player gets a slight bonus towards most elements of the campaign, such as revolt levels, tax revenue etc. The BAI is still slightly restricted but no-one gets any bonuses.

Hard AI Difficulty Level Explained

The BAI and CAI are both on full and the CAI will be quite aggressive towards you. The AI gains a very slight bonus to most things in very minor percentages (such as morale, troop training costs and so on).

V. Hard AI Difficulty Level Explained

This is where the AI is on total riot, it is highly aggressive (although not stupidly so, it still plays a fair game, but affords you no respite). The AI gets minor bonuses in both Campaign and Battle. This is the AI difficulty level that will really test you and allow you to experience the full fury of the AI.

Legendary AI Difficulty Level Explained

The legendary mode is very hard but with additional limitations, such as no save game, no minimap, camera restrictions etc. The AI doesn't receive any further bonuses other than what it gets on V. Hard.

Can someone confirm this?
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  • DigibullDigibull Senior Member Posts: 130Registered Users
    edited March 2011
    Those explanations are spot on mate.
  • MoujikMoujik Member Posts: 64Registered Users
    edited March 2011
    Oh so there is no "fair" setting ? Even in normal you get bonuses that the AI doesn't...

    Something with no AI restrictions, no bonus, no penalty is missing between normal and hard, don't you think ?
  • DarthibrahimDarthibrahim Junior Member Posts: 7Registered Users
    edited March 2011
    So hard is the way to go at the moment, seems tough with clans like Oda and Tokugawa.
    Shimazu was ok until Shoni destroyed me. Thing is normal is easy! Clans arnt aggressive at all and they seem stupid during battles, like their general just rushes to me.. his troops loose morale, I WIN..

    Hard Mode is THE WAY! But I never seemed to go far.. I also played Takeda.. Took over the province up north then decided to take over Kiso, just when I sent my troops there Saito jumped me.. after that Usegi came from the east... Hahaha big fail!

    Maybe I did something wrong.. but still, its fun and challenging!
  • daelin4daelin4 Senior Member Posts: 13,770Registered Users
    edited March 2011
    Can you provide a link to where you got this info?
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  • DarthibrahimDarthibrahim Junior Member Posts: 7Registered Users
    edited March 2011
  • rayrox222rayrox222 Senior Member Posts: 335Registered Users
    edited March 2011
    I thought normal campaign difficulty gave slight penalties to the AI (not bonuses to the player), but I suppose either way is effectively the same.

    There SHOULD BE and has been petitioned many-a-time that there be a "balanced" game mode which is just that. I am finding once I get past the initial rushes of enemy alliances, build up and counter attack in my normal Oda campaign, I've been unstoppable with my superior ashigaru army as the AI mostly has been fielding the same troop types but mine have a faction based bonus. I've been doing drop in battles as often as possible to make the fights more difficult, and that helps a bit. I find it much more fun to play normal battle difficulty for a perfectly even fight against another player whom you can't exploit ftw vs. giving stat advantages to the AI troops to make up for their stupid decisions.

    I have had a couple of situations where the enemy general charges to certain death in the battles, but for the most part they play semi-smart, but nonetheless are entirely predictable. I can't emphasize enough how greatly drop in battles help alleviate this. I also recommend setting the battle timer to 20 minutes in case you come across the unfortunate instance of a player griefer who just refuses to attack even though he is drop in for an AI who is the attacker. They at least are usually not so ****** that they won't agree to your "fast forward" option so the battle time runs out in 5 minutes. It hasn't happened to me yet where a player would just wait out as attacker. For the most part I have been impressed by the drop in players for giving me a run for my money and aren't ****s about it. There was one **** talker who got annoying, but it was mostly him being bitter about the AI reinforcements just sitting there as I deflected his main assault on my castle and he had to wait and watch the AI reinforcements utterly fail to do anything.

    So yeah, normal/normal for me with drop in battles as often as I can, and it's fairly challenging. But I'll say again PLEASE mods or CA patch in a new difficulty called "balanced" which does not penalize the AI in the campaign mode of this game! I want something between "normal" and "hard" and I think "balanced" would be PERFECT for me!!! Many others will say the same, and it would be SO EASY to implement such a change as all you're doing is changing whatever modifiers cause handicaps to the AI in the campaign.
  • DarthibrahimDarthibrahim Junior Member Posts: 7Registered Users
    edited March 2011
    Totally agree with you rayrox!
    AI with no bonuses! Plays fair but aggressive and hard! As far as iv seen is just full stacks of AI everywhere!
    How big is their economy, I myself suffer from that.. We just need a BALANCED AI!
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