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Co-op multiplayer forced slow-motion battles and campaign screen

Chrixs99Chrixs99 Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 3
edited November 2015 in Total War Eras Multiplayer
Me and my friend have had this bug since release. When we play co-op together, battles go in slow motion, as in the units move painstakingly slow, even though the game is set to normal speed. Both our PCs can run the game easily, with no framerate issues and we have not encountered this in single player.

Our connection is also perfectly fine as we play many other games together with no problems whatsoever. Often this can also occur in the campaign map, with armies, agents, menus moving very slowly. I have seen other people have this problem but have not heard of a fix.

Any advice? :mad:
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  • Chrixs99Chrixs99 Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 3
    edited January 2014
    15 in game minutes equates to an hour actual gameplay. It's VERY frustrating! We can still pan around the map at normal speed and fps, but the units themselves act as if they are moving at 1-2 fps.
  • ReydeReyde Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 337
    edited January 2014
    turn the unit size down
  • Chrixs99Chrixs99 Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 3
    edited January 2014
    Has no effect. We just played a multiplayer battle against each other and that worked fine, it's only during campaign battles that we experience this slow down, and we bought the game for co-op campaigns.
  • sticky_iggysticky_iggy Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 2
    edited October 2015
    same problem here, no matter what performance setting, slow motion coop campaign battles are slow motion. :mad::mad::mad:
  • OdsonOdson Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 2
    edited November 2015
    Having the same issue. Troops move in a slow motion stutter-step in co-op battles. I run plenty of multiplayer games with the same people with no desynch issues, and neither of us has a problem with the games performance otherwise. Tried reducing every setting I could to no avail. Finally convinced a buddy to give a co-op TW campaign a try and it turns out co-op is unplayable. Would appreciate a response CA, this game is how many years old now and still doesn't work right? I'm seeing plenty of other threads on this issue and apparently zero Fs are given by the devs.
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