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Unlocking Minor Factions

OrionsGambitOrionsGambit Senior MemberPosts: 115Registered Users
edited October 2013 in Napoleon: Total War
Is there a way (and how) to unlock the minor faction in NTW, particularly the Ottoman Empire, Sweden, Portugal, Spain, Denmark, and the United Netherlands?

Without a giant mod mind you.
Total War Wish List:
#1.) Ancient Empires Total War [Era spanning from Rome to the Han and everything in between.]
#2.) Some sort of Victorian Total War [Era stretching from 1845 to 1920. Full global map centered around the major imperial powers of the time; Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman, Russia, Qing China, and Japan.]
#3.) Rome Total War II [With only one roman faction this time around...]
#4.) Asian centered Total War [Perhaps centered around Han China.]
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