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Resources for the Boshin War

baneofnewbsbaneofnewbs MemberRegistered Users Posts: 114
I am looking to find some good books on the subject of the Boshin War. Any good suggestions? Written in English please, my Japanese is quite deplorable.
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  • LDJLDJ Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 17
    edited July 2014
    Wikipedia my best guess for knowledge. The Boshin war is quite complicated to explain in terms of who started it, mainly because the game itself jumps you straight into the middle of it. The cinematic at the start of the campaign is a good guide to how it happened. I believe the British started it in the name of free trade(According to wikipedia-mitigated British victory over Kagoshima)
    Here,s a couple of links:
  • TatsunoshiTatsunoshi Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 158
    edited July 2014
    There isn't much at all in English on the military aspects of the Boshin War-not surprising since the limited amount of actual battles tended to be on a small scale and the participating units of an ad hoc nature. Most histories tend to focus on the political and economic aspects, which were far more important to deciding the war than the actual fighting. The best is Beasley's "The Meiji Restoration" which does go into the fighting a bit, but really won't have much in the way of operational/tactical summaries. It will give you an excellent idea of why things happened and ended the way they did.

    The Boshin War is considered to have started with the Battle of Toba-Fushimi in January of 1868, where the unveiling of a forged Imperial banner by the Satsuma/Choshu forces gave it the outright stamp of Imperial vs Shogunate (and later, former Shogunate) factions. Before that, the Imperial court had often sided with the Shogunate against the traitorous tozama han, that primarily being Choshu. It ended of course in mid-1869 when the now-official Imperial army eliminated the last bastion of the 'Ezo/Hokkaido Republic' at Hakodate.

    You can also get some more detail on the battles in our Samurai Archives Wiki entries for the Boshin War, although we still need to add much to them.
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