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FOTS avatar conquest, NAVY

kirinkirin Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 1
Hi guys,

I'm quite new but love the game so far.

However, i don't get naval fights AT ALL!!!

Most of the match ups is ether:

general + 2 ironclad kotetsu (5k each)


general + 10k ship ether ironclad roanoke or L'ocean

what I don't get is why my ships fire only after like 3-4 rounds of enemy ships???

when I'm on 10k ship + general vs 3 ironclad kotetsu, out of 10 battles my big ship NEVER fired even ONCE!!!

they just shoot me from far away while in reverse ... in 25% caes my big ship just blowes up after 3-4 hits and no, i dont use engine overheat

when i'm on 3 ironclad kotetsu vs 10k ship, my enemy's big ship gets to me easy, fires 2-3 rounds and only then my ships begin to fire back ...

what am i missing????

my only guess would be that different shells have different range or when u use a different shell its like 3min cool down before cannons can fire
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