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Patch 10 now LIVE!



  • KissjohanKissjohan Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 142
    edited March 2014
    Zidious G wrote: »
    Is it just me or is there something wrong with the romans defensive testudo? After a few seconds, they take their shields down. Shouldn't they be up all the time?
    yeah same here this game is so broken....Mod total war
  • SetrusSetrus Senior Member SwedenRegistered Users Posts: 18,768
    edited March 2014
    Kissjohan wrote: »
    yeah same here this game is so broken....Mod total war

    Triarii go into defensive testudo against the longbow hunters.

    Five minutes later, the long bow hunters begin advancing, having lost all their ammo.

    They come closer, Triarii lower their shields
    Don't worry.
  • EaglePhoenixEaglePhoenix Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,270
    edited March 2014
    - never you mind , can't figure out how to delete -
    Team Empire!..and also tiny lil bit VC - but shhh
  • jupstojupsto Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 327
    edited March 2014
    I just want to say patch 10 is a HUGE surprise for me so far. I havent really played since patch 7 I think, so maybe it is more 9 or 8.

    But basically my main gripe was purely the difficulty. And it has been ramped up significantly since I last played. Legendary does feel alot more like it did in shogun 2.

    Unmodded legendary; nieghbours war deccing me even with good relations if they see an oportunity. Siege AI alot better, still a bit flimsy but no more so than its always been in TW games.

    Battles are WAY harder than they used to be in legendary. they've buffed or added back in battle bonuses the AI used to get in shogun 2, I am losing battles even after killing more and having more troops simply because they have more morale than me.

    I know people don't like it that the AI has to "cheat" to be difficulty, but you need to manage your expections of an AI being anything close to a human being. At least now legendary is actually challenging, and the game has re-playability.

    also should mention that the game also enchanced due to some cool new mods (seasons, unit packs), but I am playing vanilla balance wise and its drastically improved.
  • gba94gba94 Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 26
    edited March 2014
    Like saying these patches are such rubbish is also rubbish. You cant ignore the improvements especially things with related to AI. But the game is same ofc you cant make huge changes. To be honest, this game is a little bit away from strategy line beside previous games and it tends to be war-game.
  • malleus24malleus24 Member Registered Users Posts: 33
    edited March 2014
    CA please fix the LOD to patch 9 levels, or give us a LOD slide. The game looks really bad now, trading performance for graphics is something we must be able to choose in the video options, not something forced even to those that use ultra and extreme settings.
  • maartieboymaartieboy Member Registered Users Posts: 41
    edited March 2014
    My SLI works! thank god!
  • ArchaicWarriorArchaicWarrior Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,217
    edited March 2014
    WTF happened with this release? multiplayer battles stop - start - stop - start. I wanted to test a game feature so played against the CPU in a multiplayer battle, what a joke. Is this stop/start SLI related ?

    Plus, I cannot see enemy until they are ontop of me ??

    SLI might be working, i cannot tell, my second GPU shows very shallow breathing while my main GPU is in heart attack mode.

    Lets call release 10 the April fools release, just for a laugh.

    *** The senate is now a basic Rev counter .. WOW! that's deep. ***

  • wuzzawuzza Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 17
    edited March 2014
    I cant even play the game now!!!!! no mods to blame only CA patch 10 as before that patch it worked fine
  • machiavellianprincessmachiavellianprincess Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 202
    edited March 2014
    ahawkTW wrote: »
    Oh please. Give me a break. You honestly think the original Rome total war didn't have it's fair share of fantasy units? Rome 2 is farrrrr above the original Rome in terms of being realistic.

    And btw, ofc CA didn't just do it "out of the goodness of their hearts." But I think it's worth noting that they didn't just leave the BoW DLC to rot. The people who actually bought it got more than they bargained for with this update, and they made it actually worth buying.

    Rome 1 didn't have alligator skin-wearing warriors, no. As for fantasy units, the biggest culprit that comes to mind is the infamous flaming pig unit.

    Also, your claim that "they made it [BoW] actually worth buying" is completely subjective. I, and many others, disagree.
  • MatmannenMatmannen Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,235
    edited March 2014
    This is a strange thread to resurrect...
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