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Single Carthage elephant general soaks up 2000 javelins; kills 500 men, won't die?

SeanO91SeanO91 Junior MemberPosts: 21Registered Users
edited March 2014 in Total War Eras Support
Hi All,

Fought a battle today against a Carthage general unit consisting two elephants. First one died easily enough but the general survived 40 minutes of javelin/ wall tower arrow bombardment and melee combat without dying.

Asides from being a huge waste of my time, the endurance of generals armies on the campaign map after defeats makes destroying a faction (particularly when it continues to disable your buildings/ armies with agents) extremely frustrating... this multiplies when you can't actually kill the generals themselves!

I saved the replay but I can't figure out how to upload it to this website or to youtube... Also I have read that the replays are not an actual replay but a procedural recreation of the battle, in which case the outcome could be very different?


The general in question attacked again the following turn, same city, and died after 30-40 javelin strikes as he should. What happened here?

Any help is appreciated



  • b4handb4hand Posts: 1Registered Users
    I have this problem now. It is quite infuriating. Currently trying to level up an agent to deal with it. I'm trying to get the achievements related to not auto-resolving and it is severely damaging to my psyche that the sole survivor of Libya faction this one general unit keeps attacking my city every turn and only way to beat him is to wait out the clock. It takes so much time and I need turns to level up the agents. So horrible.
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