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Weapons of Thrace, Dacia and Illyria

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When CA made these factions playable, I hope they carry their right weapons...

Thrace should have Rhomphaia,


Thracian Nobles should carry rhomphaia, look at their unit card...

"Used almost exclusively by the Thracians, As a weapon, the rhomphaia was feared because of the cutting power afforded to it by the polearm like design."


Dacia should carry Falx


Falxmen carried a rhomphalia in their unit cards instead of falx???; hope their falx is longer than what whey currently have...

"Trajan's column is a monument to the emperor’s conquest of Dacia. The massive base is covered with reliefs of trophies of Dacian weapons and includes several illustrations of the two-handed falx."


Illyria should carry Sica


Illyria has no unit carrying sica yet....

"The Romans regarded the sica as a distinctive Illyrian weapon"


Anyways, I posted interesting articles and pictures regarding these factions at POST#39:


Check it out!
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